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Best Blockchain Twitter Alternative April 2023


By Nerly Shammah Apr 05, 2023


The best blockchain Twitter alternative is Leofinance - April 2023.


Best Blockchain Twitter Alternative April 2023


Leofinance is the best Twitter alternative as of April 2023 built on a blockchain. Public Alpha was released in early February and has since experienced consistent growth and gone through several developments for increased good user experience and more. 


One of the things that has been launched during this period is "Decentralized Polls" which is typically the integration of polls into Leofinance, but unlike Twitter polls which are built on a centralized database of which the votes cannot be validated for their authenticity, polls on leofinance can be validated by looking or querying data from the blockchain as though are votes are recorded on-chain. 


There are several other Twitter alternatives out there like Mastodon with its numerous federated social spaces but given that Mastodon isn't blockchain-based and lacks the incentives and infrastructure to make it a long-term competitor, there's a need for a truly Web3-compatible alternative and here's where Leofinance comes in. 


Initially, leofinance was focused only on long-term content, 2022 saw a change of focus when Elon Musk bought Twitter and increased censorship was feared and alternatives sought. Leofinance began developing and integrating microblogging into its platform to inevitably compete in building and deploying what is tagged the "everything app".


How To Use Leofinance For Microblogging


Simply visit and log in using hive keychain. If you already have a Hive account and you're aware of how Hive keychain works, then it should be pretty easy, but if not, read this guide on how to get a Hive account for free using leofinance. 


Note: Leofinance public Alpha release is currently tested on a subdomain of its old long-form only finance-focus content platform. In due time, the primary access portal will be instead of 


So, how do you use leofinance for microblogging exactly?


On Desktop


After getting a Hive account and adding it to your keychain multi-key management wallet, visit and log in. 


While on the home page, you'll see a section for writing a thread, anything you write within this box is a microblog limited to 240 characters. 


Now note, there's a button tagged publish with a pencil icon, this option isn't to create a thread(microblog), rather, it is to create long-form content like on medium, only that it has to be finance or crypto-centric. So threads can be anything, but long-form content is limited to finance at the moment. 


On Mobile


For mobile users, you need to open your keychain app after already adding your Hive account and go to the browser section, visit, and log in with your Hive username. With this, you can start making microblogs or threads as it is called within the leofinance ecosystem. 


Please note that there's a release set for Friday 7th April, 2023 that will give users more options to log in like Hive Signer and an option to simply log in with a hive posting key without having to use the Hive keychain app, this will enable mobile users log in directly on their phone browser without having to use the keychain in-app browser and also give desktop users more flexible login options to explore. 




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