How To Earn Crypto With Brave Rewards


By Damian David Mar 19, 2023


How To Earn Crypto With Brave Rewards


What Is Brave?


Brave is a web browser optimized to automatically block advertisements and trackers. Brave blocks third-party cookies automatically and with your permission it can block cookie consent notices as well.


Brave was launched in January 2016 by Brave Software created by Brendan Eich and Brian Bondy. Brave has a strict use privacy policy, it has an in-built firewall, VPN, crypto wallet, rewards token, and swap aggregator.


What Are Brave Rewards?


Brave rewards are earned from enabling and viewing the blocked advertisements on the Brave web browser. Brave is an ad-blocking web browser, but advertisements are one of the major ways web browsers grow their revenue. 


So Brave will allow advertisements but only after the permission of a user and this permission comes with an incentive paid in BAT. BAT (Basic Attention Tokens because it is measured in "attention retention on the Brave web browser") is the rewards token of the Brave web browser.


How Does Brave Rewards Work?


The Brave web browser is by default advertisement intolerant, this feature allows you to enjoy web surfing without being disturbed and interrupted by pop-up ads and big tech ads that simultaneously steal your data as well. However, you'll be provided with a choice to enable or permit these ads to earn rewards in BAT so you're basically being paid to surf the internet.


Another perk of browsing with enabled advertisements aside from the incentives you get is the fact that ads on the Brave web browser are first-party ads that are privacy-preserving. Most of the ads on your normal web browser invade your personal data and privacy without you even knowing.


So by using Brave browser to earn crypto rewards, you're not selling your privacy for those incentives. You're rather earning crypto by choosing to view an advertisement, while also protecting your privacy and personal data as well. These incentivizing advertisements can also be turned off whenever you want to continue enjoying an ad-free web experience.


Brave rewards also create opportunities for websites and content creators to earn BAT through tips and support from users who enabled the privacy-respecting advertisements in the Brave browser. These tips are either made as one-time tips or as set as automatic which acts as a recurring contribution to your website or content from users who love it.


How To Participate In Brave Rewards 


● By creating a Brave Rewards Profile, and this is how you do it;


● Download the Brave Web Browser from your App Store or Microsoft Store or Play store and launch it on your mobile device or desktop.


● Click on the top right triangle icon just after the Brave logo.


● You'll be provided with two options "Start Using Brave Rewards" and "Let's Take A Quick Tour" Click on the former.


● You'll be required to select your country. Click on the drop-down menu and select your residence country.


● Proceed to click on "Continue" after selecting your residence country.


● You'll be provided with an option to take a quick tour or skip the tour for now, click the "Skip for now" button.


● Proceed to click on "Done" after which you'll be required to connect a custodial account to your Rewards profile.


● You'll be given two account provider options to pick from which are Uphold and Gemini.


● After choosing one you'll be required to authorize it to transfer your personal data and allow the application to accounts, transactions and users.


● Sign in or Sign up with the wallet and start surfing Brave web browser to earn BAT and tip your favorite websites and content creators as well.


It is important to note that your account with Uphold and Gemini, which are the two current custodian wallet partners of Brave, is verified and you have completed ID or KYC verification with them.


Also there are some unsupported countries that Brave Rewards won't work in. So it is important to confirm you're in an eligible country first before trying to participate in the Brave Rewards. The list of eligible countries that can participate in the Brave Rewards can be seen here.


How Do You Claim Your Crypto In Brave Rewards?


Your Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) will be sent to your connected custodial wallet on your Brave Rewards profile, and here you'll be able to claim and withdraw it to your Brave wallet or any other crypto wallet you have and then trade, store or do whatever you want with it there.


What Is Brave Wallet?


Brave wallet is a multi-chain compatible built-in and secure non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that is built directly into the Brave web browser. Brave wallet can be used to send and receive crypto, swap crypto, stake crypto and carry out cross chain functionalities.


What Can You Do With BAT?


Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) If gotten can be used to win gift cards in the Brave/TAP Network marketplace page. It can be used to purchase a variety of web 3.0 products in the Brave web browser and lastly it can be used to tip websites and content creators for a job well done.


Who Is Earning With Brave Rewards?


A reportedly estimated 8 million users worldwide are earning BAT via Brave Rewards and there are Over 1.3 million active and verified creators accepting BAT worldwide via the Brave web browser.


Are Brave Rewards Safe?


Yes. Brave Rewards are safe because the rewarding option which is the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC-20 standard token which subsequently means that it shares and conforms to the security standards of the Ethereum blockchain network.


How Many Times Can You Participate In Brave Rewards?


You can enable the privacy-respecting advertisements on the Brave web browser anytime you want and this allows you to participate in the Rewards as many times as you can. However only one verified custodian can be linked to a Brave Rewards profile.


Who Can Participate In Brave Rewards?


Anybody from the list of supported countries provided here can create a Brave Rewards profile and participate in the Brave Rewards. 


Can You Get Rich with Brave Rewards?


No. You cannot get rich per say with Brave Rewards. You can surely earn some good amounts of crypto If you invest the time and efforts in the Brave web browser. But the likelihood of those earnings making you rich is low. Unless of course, BAT hits the moon overnight.



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