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What Are Blockchain Games and Are They Worth The Time?


By Nerly Shammah Dec 11, 2022


Blockchain games



Digitalization of experience has brought about a lot of technology advancements, one of the notable innovations being cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As a by-product of the emerging technologies that pose to redefine not just finance and economy but many other business sectors like the digital art market, social media, and advertising, blockchain games happen to be among these by-products, an innovative approach to incentivize recreation.


What Are Blockchain Games? 


Blockchain games are free-to-play, play-to-earn, earn, and own game models developed on blockchain technology. Typically, blockchain games are designed to give gamers more influence on the games they play, that is, gamers can earn while playing whether or not they spend as much on the game. Also, gamers own all collectibles or assets earned in-game and can easily sell, rent, or move these assets around, from blockchain to blockchain or game to game, provided the destination is compatible. 


One of the major aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is "incentivization". It is at the core of major developments surrounding blockchain technology to incentivize users to participate, just as developers are incentivized to build. 


Blockchain games play a huge role in user incentives as it stands, millions of dollars have been distributed already to gamers in the ecosystem. Note: blockchain games differ from mere crypto games, mere crypto games are not directly built on a distributed ledger, they are however only paying players in cryptocurrency or assets, thus the name "crypto game". Some of these games are integrated as a sub-section of cryptocurrency faucets platforms


That said, blockchain games leverage the distributed ledger to incentivize and ensure asset ownership in-game to their players. The fun part about these assets is that they can be sold at a self-chosen price. Naturally, in-game assets are Non-fungible tokens, thus, the nature of these tokenized assets allows individuals to solely choose their listing prices and market them. 




How Does Blockchain Gaming Work?


Now no need to panic, it's not rocket science, blockchain gaming is relatively simple, just as you simply need a remote to turn on a TV, you simply need a couple of things to be up and running. 


Typically, how to get started with blockchain gaming depends solely on your game of choice, check out our top 5 picks of high-paying blockchain games below to see if you find interest in any. That said, you typically need a cryptocurrency wallet to get started. 


With the right wallet, you can play just about any blockchain game(potentially), and added to this, you can interact with any blockchain network or applications.


That said, depending on your game choice, you may need to buy a network asset, that is if you wish to earn as most games currently require investments, people have a couple of times called play-to-earn games a pay-to-win games because of this, but there are several blockchain games that don't require capital to play and earn, see below.


So if a game requires an investment, you'd need to buy a given token, if it is based on Ethereum, you most definitely need Ether(ETH) for gas. With this, you can proceed to experiment with your abilities and skills in-game, compete with other players and stand to win amazing prizes as you dedicate yourself to it. 


How To Make Money Playing Blockchain Games? 


To make money playing a blockchain game you will have to develop a gaming strategy, like every other game in the world, strategy always wins, in blockchain games, in order to balance the weight on earnings and spending, having a game strategy will enable you to keep your earnings up on the green. 


Every game will obviously require a different strategy as though the strategy applied in a car race game cannot be of any advantage in a shooter game, so, the best bet is to study the game, learn how other players to battle, and develop a winning strategy from there. 


Can I Get Rich Playing A Blockchain Game? 


You can get rich playing a crypto or blockchain game, you just need to have a game plan in mind. Every field has opportunities, with how crypto assets are, a dollar today may become ten thousand dollars tomorrow, so, putting some skin to the game can really pay off. People turned a couple of bucks into millions playing Splinterlands, who says you cannot do the same? A strategy is very important. 




Are Blockchain Games Worth The Time? 


If earning is worth your time, then blockchain games are definitely worth the time. But you should know that it isn't a cheap snack on the sidewalk, like any other hustle, it requires dedication to earn a decent amount of money. 


What Is The Most Famous Blockchain Game? 


Axie Infinity is the most famous blockchain game, based on Ethereum, Axie is a breeding game that allows players to battle other players with their Axies and Earn a smooth love portion, which can be traded for Axie Shard Token (AXS).


Are They Blockchain Games That Don't Require Capital To Play and Earn? 


Yes, the following are a couple of blockchain games you can play and earn without investing 


Rising Star - A musical game based on Hive blockchain where you build a band, play some concerts, and earn fans and crypto assets, tokens, and NFTs inclusive. 


Cryptobrewmaster - Brew beer and drink for more energy or sell in the open market for cryptocurrencies. Cryptobrewmaster is also based on Hive blockchain, you need to sign up for a Hive account to get started


What Are The Best Paying Blockchain Games? 


As per multiple sources and reviews, these are the highest-paying blockchain games:


● Splinterlands 

● Axie Infinity 

● The Sandbox 

● Decentraland

● Alien Worlds


Order is random


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