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What Is Presearch? And How To Earn Free Crypto With Presearch Get-Paid-To Surf Web Browser


By Damian David Mar 23, 2023





What Is Presearch?


Presearch is a decentralized blockchain based search engine framework that is being run and managed by nodes to ensure users browse the internet as private and secure as possible. 


Presearch makes a giant step into the concept of the web 3.0 as it aims to hopefully destabilize the centralized tech giants that are leading in the present web 2.0.


Presearch was launched for public use alongside its native PRE Tokens on April 9, 2018 by Colin Pape and Thomas LeClair. The former who is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Presearch organization. 


What Is Presearch GPT?


Presearch Get-Paid-To (GPT) is a rewarding and incentivizing part of the Presearch web browser that allows users to earn PRE Tokens by surfing through or using the Presearch search engine. 


It basically works like Brave Rewards and in fact, since Presearch can still work with just an extension you can use Brave web browser to surf the Presearch search engine and earn simultaneously from both systems!


How Does Presearch GPT Work?


As explained in this web 3.0 article, the present internet is largely controlled and managed by monopolistic and centralized organizations. This gives them an unhealthy amount of authority over our data and privacy.


In the web 3.0 article, it was explained that the possible way to solve this is by giving back authority to the users of the internet and subsequently make the internet a decentralized franchise thereby making the privacy and personal data out of the reach of a central authority.


Presearch search engine framework takes a little step into that idea as the browser was built on the blockchain network and is currently being managed and maintained by a community-led group of nodes or computers just like how the traditional blockchain network functions.


But it doesn't just give you security and enhanced privacy, it also gives you free cryptocurrency and all you have to do is use the Presearch search engine to go on your business on the internet. You can also earn more PRE Tokens by contributing more to the Presearch ecosystem.


These free cryptocurrencies are rewards in PRE Tokens and apart from the monetary value it holds, it can be used to buy an advert placement in the Presearch web browser and it can also be used to stake on keywords in the Presearch search engine.


What Is Presearch Keyword Staking?


Presearch Keyword Staking is a website traffic-generating process whereby web owners stake their earned or bought PRE Tokens on a keyword via Presearch search engine and subsequently gets ranked on web results related to that keyword based on the amount of PRE Tokens they staked. 


How To Participate In Presearch GPT


● Download the Presearch Web Browser App on Play Store, App Store or the Microsoft Store and launch it.


● Click on the "Register or Login" button on the top right of the app.


● Enter your email and select a password and click on the "Sign Up Now" button.


● You'll be redirected to the app where you'll now see an account symbol and a PRE Token symbol with your 0.00 balance on the top right of the app.


● Now start browsing and surfing to rack up those numbers! You earn 0.1000 PRE Tokens per search on the Presearch web browser.


You can also use Presearch without downloading the app, although downloading the app is highly recommended. But using its chrome extension on your desktop you can still use and earn with it. Also with your mobile device, you can just enter presearch.com on your web browser, login and start browsing and earning.




How Do You Claim Your Presearch GPT Rewards?


It is important to note that before you can withdraw your earned PRE Tokens you must have at least a minimum of 1000 PRE Tokens in your wallet. Now that we've gotten that out of the way how do you withdraw them?


● On the Presearch Web Browser click on the "PRE" token symbol on the top right.


● You'll be provided with three options namely; "PRE wallet" (showing your PRE Tokens balance) "Usage Rewards" (Showing how much you earned by using the Presearch web browser) "Help & Support" and lastly a "Buy PRE" button.


● Click on the "Usage Rewards" option and you'll be redirected to a withdrawal page.


● In the withdrawal page you'll see your total PRE Tokens balance and a "Claim Usage Rewards Tokens" button. Click on it.


● You might be required to activate or turn on a two-factor authentication first so proceed as requested.


● After turning it on you can proceed with your withdrawal which will be gotten in your ERC20 wallet address as PRE Tokens is an ERC20 standard token.


What Is PRE Tokens?


PRE Tokens is the ERC20 standard native utility token of the Presearch ecosystem. It was launched alongside the Presearch web browser on April 9, 2018.


PRE tokens have a lot of use cases in the Presearch ecosystem, especially its web browser. It is used as an incentive, it is used to purchase ads, it is used as a staking asset by both node operators and web owners in the Presearch ecosystem.


According to CoinMarketCap as of March 2023, one PRE Token is worth $0.06391. There is a total supply of 500,000,000 PRE Tokens and a circulating supply of 396,578,435 PRE Tokens.


How Many Times Can You Participate In Presearch GPT?


You can participate and earn infinitely with the Presearch Get-Paid-To Surf Web browser. However you can only use one account with one ERC20 wallet linked to it.


Who Can Earn With Presearch GPT?


Presearch is a decentralized search engine built and running on the blockchain network. Hence it isn't limited to a few countries like most crypto earning platforms. So anyone with a device capable of running the Presearch web browser can earn PRE Tokens. 




Is Presearch GPT Safe?


Presearch is a decentralized privacy-eccentric search engine framework that is being maintained by nodes. There is no central authority so in essence no one will have access to your online data while you're using the web browser, your privacy is ultimately guaranteed.


The incentives you earn from browsing with Presearch search engine is also secured in the sense that PRE Tokens are built and running on the Ethereum blockchain, so all the security details of the Ethereum blockchain mainnet are adhered to by the PRE Token.


Can You Get Rich With Presearch GPT?


The short answer is No. You cannot get rich with the Presearch GPT Rewards. Your motivation however should be that you're no more surfing the internet for free and your privacy is also guaranteed.



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