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Google Alphabet is set to retain dominance in the entertainment industry with a new AI music generator


By Nerly Shammah May 13, 2023


Google's MusicLM



Following the popularity of artificial intelligence in the past couple of months, mostly fueled by the release of AI tools like ChatGPT, a digital assistant that does anything digitally possible from answering simple questions to writing articles and even computer programs for web or mobile applications, Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet of which are often interchanged in conversations has been on the edge to deploy a tool that competes with ChatGPT as it acknowledges that the AI is a threat to its search business which largely affects its largest revenue stream - the advertising network. 


Although, reportedly, Google has denied competing with ChatGPT but has however come off saying it is focused on making sure AI tools are developed properly in a way that user data, privacy, or life is not threatened. 


In a press release published on the 10th of May, 2023, Google announced the release of a new artificial intelligence called MusicLM of which it had previously promoted its development in January. Similar to artificial intelligence like Mid Journey, a generative art AI that uses users' prompts to create artwork, Google's MusicLM is intended to leverage user input to create music for them.


As most AIs are trained by prompts, Google's MusicLM will create music in response to this set of data. That said, this is feared to have its own flaws but particularly "copyright flaws" of which we've previously seen AIs like Mid Journey entangled in many lawsuits from creators across the globe as though its artificial intelligence, reportedly used pre-existing artworks to generate new ones for its users. 


Google fears this will be a reality for MusicLM sooner, thus, is looking to collaborate with diverse musicians to bring this innovative technology to its full potential. This marks Google's third AI product after Bard, a ChatGPT alternative that hasn't had the best beginnings by the way, and PaLM2, a large language model, however, MusicLM could be seen as the fourth product if Google Assistant is to be counted towards artificial intelligence as though the in-mobile software has acted as a virtue assistant for android users and is known to be trained with some AI tech behind the scenes. 


Notwithstanding, signing up for MusicLM is on, but it includes joining a waitlist and that can be found here



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