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Hamster Kombat Reaches 100 million Users In 2 months, Matching ChatGPT’s User Growth At Launch


By Reel Coverage Jun 06, 2024


Hamster Kombat, a Telegram-based play-to-earn game reached an astounding milestone of 100 million users in 2 months.


The game, based on the idea of building a profitable exchange run by a hamster, amassed players' interest due to its simple, yet engaging design. Employing similar earning mechanisms such as with Notcoin, Hamster Kombat became the fastest growing blockchain-based project reaching 1 million users in 11 days and 100 million users in 2 months, matching ChatGPT’s record to date. 


Hamster Kombat


At Glance


● Hamster Kombat play-to-earn game based on Telegram attracted 100 million players in 2 months. 


● Reportedly, more than 31 million users play Hamster Kombat daily.


● Hamster Kombat YouTube channel amassed 10 million subscribers in 7 days. 


● The game, reported to be coming to the TON blockchain, has matched the growth of popular generative AI chatbot, ChatGPT. 


● Leading Notcoin, its predecessor with 65 million users, Hamster Kombat is played by 1.234% of the world's population.



With an established mission to on-board and educate the next 1 billion users to crypto and web3, Hamster Kombat has shown great strength scaling smoothly through millions of new users signing up and playing its simulation game based on building a crypto exchange as a hamster CEO. 


The viral Telegram-based gain, which is based on the concept of hamsters working together to improve their financial literacy and grow as investors as explained in a X space by “Hamster Girl”, has established itself as the fastest growing simulation game based on Web3 technology and has attained the spot of the most subscribed community on Telegram. 


In the world of cryptocurrency, "Hamsters" refers to retail investors who are typically new to the market and exhibit behavior characterized by impulsive buying and selling based on market trends and emotions, rather than informed analysis or long-term strategy. This term is used to describe investors who are highly reactive to market movements, often chasing after hype and experiencing significant volatility in their investments. The name suggests a certain level of naivety or lack of experience, drawing a parallel to hamsters running on a wheel, constantly moving but not necessarily progressing. 


The Hamster Kombat game aims to prove that “Hamsters” can learn and build great investments or portfolios by working together. Speaking with great figures within the TON ecosystem, Hamster Girl touched on several bits of the projects journey, highlighting the strength of the community of hamster CEOs learning about Web3 and how it relates to crypto and blockchain and the broader financial world, effectively attaining knowledge to build for the long term via its “addictive, in a good sense” simulation game of building an exchange with features enabling each hamster CEO build sustainable passive income by using profits to invest in several aspects of its business such as compliance, marketing, partnerships and many more. 


The project boasts of impressive engagement numbers with over 31 million users actively playing the game daily and over 100 million already signed up and effectively on the path to being fully on-boarded to web3.


As a friendly comparison, Hamster Kombat is currently pulling similar numbers with the popular generative AI chatbot developed by OpenAI called ChatGPT. 


Reportedly, ChatGPT amassed over 100 million users in 2 months, and so far, Hamster Kombat, being only 2 months old, has also crushed this great milestone of 100 million users with verifiable social engagement and user-generated promotional materials. 


In addition to having 1.233% of the world already playing its simulation game, Hamster Kombat has achieved the title of one of the fastest growing YouTube Channels with 10 million subscribers attained in the first 7 days, and currently over 16.7 million. 


That said, according to data from its official website, Hamster Kombat is gearing up for a token launch in July. Its simple roadmap shows that June will be filled with a lot of building of on-chain infrastructures for integration with the game, that said, Q3 of 2024 remains promising despite being post-launch of its token as the roadmap reveals exciting events such as squad kombat, characters and skins, time limited events and live events being in-store for players. 


As the project gears up to reach higher towards achieving its goal of on-boarding 1 billion users to web3, players enthusiastically await the gradual release of several in-game features, launch of its token and utility for future value generation. 


Hamster Kombat is the new Alpha, and Hamsters are the new Whales. 



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