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LeoFinance publishes development overview - says Leo stakeholders will receive airdrops via automated buybacks


By Nerly Shammah Nov 06, 2022


Leofinance Airdrop


Regardless of the general markets taking a huge beating price-wise and sending numerous projects under the sea, LeoFinance, a finance and crypto niche Web 3 platform based on Hive blockchain has been on and rolling out various developments. 


At Glance


● LeoFinance, a revolutionary blockchain-based financial hub, has recently released a tokenomics discussion and development overview.


● LeoFinance, having integrated microblogging on the fastest and most scalable blockchain, is looking to expand its scope. 


● The Hive-based Web 3 hub has been deploying various applications and DeFi products over the months and recently announced future plans to redesign its ecosystem into being the "Twitter killer" as a microblogging compatible ecosystem and as the "everything app" via its various financial products and user incentivization. 


● The Founder expressed, via a blog post, the expansion of the development team and how a great journey it has been. 


● Leo holders are said to be a priority as a community whereas the platform is building a smart contract to automate the buying and distribution of Leo tokens to the community investors, leveraging the built-up liquidity from ad revenues in the platform. 



In entirety, 


Having promoted the idea of microblogging on the blockchain that is not only immutable, and promotes free speech but also built to be fast and scalable, making it feasible, LeoFinance officially released a "Beta" version of what has been teased as "project blank" three months ago. 


Project Blank, according to the founder, is the future of microblogging, following its beta release as "Leo Threads" Khal, founder of LeoFinance, has openly expressed its overall impact on both the ecosystem's activities and economy. 




The future is in microblogging. Look at Twitter. Look even to Tik Tok. The world of social media has moved from long-form to short-form content and it's time we learn how to adopt that move and incorporate it into the Leo Lifestyle.


In a release coverage, Khal expressed how Threads evolve on the Hive blockchain, detailing how the technology works and how it essentially allows for the community to scale up microblogging without populating the network with what would be considered spamming. 


That said, in recent announcements of developments overview, Khal talks about the redesigning of the Leo ecosystem, ultimately bringing to life the long-discussed Leo evolution. 




We set out - over 18 months ago - with the intention of building a "Twitter-Killer" on the Hive blockchain. This is still the endgame of what we're building, although we're doing it in a way that many may not expect.


LEO is Project Blank.



LeoFinance founder, @khaleelkazi breaks to the community the reality of  "Leo Threads and Project Blank." Having had the community making guesses on how the applications will all roll out, it was officially opened to the community that project blank is Leo, meaning the team is in reality building on a "merge" idea that will seamlessly allow all of the Leo-centric projects to be deployed on a simple and flexible UI, whilst also having the depths to handle way more content types and applications. 


Airdrops To Leo Stakeholders


In addition to several projects being in the works to create a content platform with vast forms of capabilities, the LeoFinance team is looking to turn the value streams of the ecosystem into an incentive for community investors.


In a blog post on LeoFinance, Khal explains what is being developed behind the scene, outrightly detailing how "ad revenues" will become an added stream of income to Leo stakeholders. 


The Web 3 finance and crypto hub looks to build smart contracts that automate the process of leveraging the revenue earned from ads displayed on the platform to buy back Leo tokens and distribute them to the stakeholders. 


Khal expressed that this is going to be a focus scaling forward, acknowledging the value it can generate for the community. 


In addition to this, Khal teases that LeoFinance is evolving into an ecosystem that won't rely on curations, DeFi, and ads revenue alone as an incentivization:




Monetizing the LeoFinance UI is crucial to the vision of growing the LEO token. We've got much more in-store than ad space, although ad space will still be a key component. Think paywalls, memberships, and premium subscriptions. Newsletters from your favourite authors... all revenue leading to the new LeoAds model.



He added that their vision for LeoFinance has continually evolved as the team of developers expanded over time. The community at the time of writing has reacted positively to the recent announcements, with lots of questions falling through and some individuals being even bullish on the ecosystem.





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