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Limit Orders Debuts On Uniswap Web App


By Reel Coverage Mar 12, 2024


The largest dex on the Ethereum blockchain, Uniswap, has released limit orders functionality on its crypto swap protocol.


Uniswap Limit Orders


At Glance


● Uniswap announces the release of limit orders on the Ethereum dex. 


● Limit orders allow users to buy and sell crypto at their chosen price. 


● Limit orders on Uniswap cost zero gas and execute autonomously. 


● Currently available on the web app(, Uniswap’s limit orders incentivize traders to fill orders.



Uniswap debuts limit orders on its web app on March 12, 2024 with keen focus to facilitate better trading experience on the largest dex on the Ethereum blockchain.


Limit orders are time-based trading orders with trader-set prices for trade executions. Unlike traditional AMM DEX swap functionalities, limit orders allow individuals to choose the prices at which they want to buy or sell crypto tokens


This trading functionality is particularly popular amongst centralized exchanges as they employ off-chain order books to aid “fee-less” and smooth trading experience. 


Decentralized exchanges, on the other hand, largely lacked the exposure to limit orders as popular and most used chains like the Ethereum blockchain does not allow for the deployment of such trading functionality “on-chain” due to high gas fees which would be required to place and cancel orders on-chain.


However, Uniswap noted in its announcement of its limit order being live in the web app that all limit orders cost zero gas to create and execute.


While limit orders have existed on other popular decentralized exchanges like 1inch, Uniswap boasts of its design decision behind Uniswap limit orders being great for users. 


The Ethereum dominating dex also noted that limit orders created on its protocol do not require a minimum swap size and funds are not escrowed. 


Uniswap said it will be going live on Twitter on March 13, 2024 2pm ET with Uniswap dev @patagucci_girl to explain the values and general design of Uniswap limit orders. 






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