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PolygonScan: The Polygon PoS Chain Explorer


By Damian David Feb 27, 2023




What Is PolygonScan?


PolygonScan is the PoS chain Explorer of the Polygon Blockchain. It is used to check and confirm all on-chain transactions, data, statistics, charts, and metrics on the Polygon Blockchain. 


Polygon is a Layer-2 blockchain framework built onto the Ethereum Blockchain which is its root-chain. It allows dApps to leverage the perks of the Ethereum Blockchain while at the same time avoiding its downsides such as high cost, low scalability, and its monolithic nature.


This makes the PolygonScan very similar in functionality and user interface to the EtherScan and in fact, the PolygonScan was built by the same team behind the EtherScan.




-PolygonScan was launched by polygon in June 2021 just four months after the MATIC Network was rebranded to Polygon.


-PolygonScan was built by the same team behind the EtherScan, and interestingly it is a Layer-2 Ethereum architecture.


-PolygonScan is the lead Blockchain explorer of the Polygon Blockchain designed and specialized to maximize the use of Polygon.


-PolygonScan can be used by developers for sundry purposes, it has an API specifically made for developers to aid easy access to the Polygon Blockchain data.


-PolygonScan is the fastest way to get an accurate metric summary of the Polygon Blockchain.


-PolygonScan is tagged the "Polygon PoS chain Explorer" because the Polygon Chain makes use of the Proof of Stake (PoS) Consensus.


How Does PolygonScan Work?


The PolygonScan works as a transaction search engine for the Polygon Blockchain. 


You can basically gather metrics and information about any transaction being done on the Polygon  blockchain just by using a contract address, a transaction hash or ID, a Block or even a token.


It is a website made and designed to function exclusively for the Polygon Blockchain and has a type of GET/POST request function in direct connection with the Polygon Blockchain.


It has real time data and metrics about the Polygon Blockchain, a very user friendly interface that will be instantly familiar to a lot of crypto users because PolygonScan and a handful of other Blockchain Explorers were made by the team behind the EtherScan Chain Explorer. In essence, this makes the PolygonScan easy to comprehend and use as a user might have come across a similar interface.


What Can You Use The PolygonScan To Do?


-Developers can use the PolygonScan Developer API to get easy and accurate metrics about the Polygon Blockchain.


-It can be used to view the top accounts in the Polygon blockchain, these are the accounts with the most MATIC coins.


-It can be used to view transactions that are done on the Polygon Blockchain, Including pending, confirmed, complete and failed transactions.


-It can be used to view validated blocks and the addresses that validated these blocks.


-It can be used to view and know contract addresses that are verified to avoid being scammed or coaxed.


-It can be used to know the top validators in the Polygon blockchain.


-It can be used to view ERC20 standard tokens and their statistics.


-It can be used to get accurate statistics and charts about; Daily Transactions, Unique Addresses, Average Block Size, Average Block Time, Average Gas Price, etc.


How Do You Use The PolygonScan To Check Your Transaction Status?


To use the PolygonScan  to check your transaction status, you'll need a transaction hash or transaction ID. 


A Transaction hash or Transaction ID is basically a receipt issued after your transaction is confirmed or processed by the network. It is usually a long string of numbers and letters usually 66 characters long. After you'll copied your Txn Hash to your clipboard;


-Visit on your web browser and paste it into the search bar of the PolygonScan explorer.


-You'll be directed to the page that contains every important data in regards to your transaction.


-The status of your transaction will be shown, whether it's pending, confirmed, successful or failed.


-The number or blocks it took to execute the transaction will be shown just right below the status note.


-The Timestamp will be shown in details, the date, time and the number of seconds or minutes it took to confirm your transaction.


-The sender address and the receivers address will be shown just below the Timestamp.


-The value of your transaction, the transaction fee and the gas price it charged.


Why Choose the PolygonScan?


The PolygonScan is the lead and only blockchain explorer made for the Polygon Blockchain. It improves the use of the polygon Blockchain by providing transparent metrics important in respect to the thousands of transactions being carried out in the Polygon Blockchain every minute.


The PolygonScan have development mapped out to be executed which will make the explorer more resourceful for users and the Polygon Blockchain in general. As a user of the Polygon Blockchain and its modular structure, the PolygonScan is practically unavoidable.




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