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What Is and What Is It Used For? - An Introductory Guide 


By Damian David Nov 25, 2022 is a prominent and trusted blockchain explorer/cryptocurrency platform that offers all the DeFi services with a safer, faster, and more reliable process. is known to be the first Bitcoin blockchain explorer that is supporting multiple cryptocurrency transactions with the best efficiency.


What does do? aims at creating an ecosystem where up-to-date data about the Bitcoin blockchain and other top blockchain networks can be found, and also an ecosystem that has the avenue to provide basic DeFi services to its users, some of these services being cryptocurrency wallet services, exchange services, trading, staking, tracking, farming, borrowing and lending services, etc.


At Glance


● was first called Blockchain.Info as its original use was to serve as a blockchain explorer for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency and other prominent cryptocurrencies. 


● is an all-round blockchain explorer that allows users to access data about any transaction in the cryptocurrency ecosystem using just a hash code. 


● provides cryptocurrency-based financial services which allow users to transact the cryptocurrency market and leverage it profitably. 


● is also an exchange center for digital assets and Fiat currencies as you can use its decentralized exchange to swap and trade your digital assets. 


● offers cryptocurrency wallet services in its platform, this wallet allows for easy interoperability between your assets and multiple cryptocurrency functionalities in the platform.



Understanding is a crypto hub that is solution oriented as it will conveniently handle all your cryptocurrency needs including transactions exploration and DeFi services/analytics. With over thirty-seven million verified users, stands out as a trusted and reliable place to maximize your digital assets and also gather substantial analytics about various developments concerning tokens and blockchains in the cryptocurrency market including asset price changes and transactional data. services basically cover the most common problems in the cryptocurrency space so it's like a one-stop shop for your cryptocurrency investments and assets and also a final destination if you want to carry out any type of transaction in the cryptocurrency space. With a rich portfolio of services, it'll allow you to trade your cryptocurrencies, exchange them, lend and borrow digital assets, stake your tokens, invest in pools, and also store your cryptocurrency in a secured and multifunctional wallet. has been in operation for over ten years and most definitely has the needed experience and performances needed to attend to any of your crypto-related needs. It has a fully documented API that can be used by any developer to develop most of the needed cryptocurrency services and exchange services. So basically any developer can scale his projects with infrastructures. 


What Services are offered by basically provides four distinct services in the cryptocurrency market and these services can be conveniently divided into four categories namely ;


Wallet Services :


With the platform, you won't have to worry about where to store, keep or manage your digital assets and cryptocurrency. Its integrated and fully functional DeFi wallet in its platform will maximize your cryptocurrency transactions and also give you seamless access to most exchange options and blockchain networks.


Exchange Services : provides the avenue specifically for the maximized experience of cryptocurrency traders and investors. Its exchange services support up to three conversions to fiat which are the USD conversion The EUR conversion and the GPB conversion, all with the most favourable services fees and also the most user-friendly exchange interface. 




Explorer Services : was first an explorer before it transitioned into offering more cryptocurrency services. And it still is a blockchain explorer providing analytics, charts, and metrics about the latest transactions in the Bitcoin blockchain and other prominent blockchain networks.


Institutional Market Business Services :


Based on the growing cryptocurrency functionalities, the Institutional Market Business Service was added to the infrastructure of These services cover aspects of cryptocurrency that include lending, borrowing, trading, staking, farming, etc. 

Being a cryptocurrency trader you'll find this service handy as it has an automated system that acts as a broker for private trades with effective mechanisms to prevent market fluctuations from affecting your cryptocurrency assets.


When was founded? was created In August 2011 in York, United Kingdom by Benjamin Reeves, Nicolas Cary, and Peter Smith.


What services does offer? offers cryptocurrency wallet services which were launched in 2014, cryptocurrency exchange services which were launched in the year 2019, blockchain explorer services, and lending services. 


Is a trusted platform? is the world's most trusted blockchain platform for cryptocurrency transactions and DeFi services. There are over eighty-five million wallets created in the platform and over one trillion dollars are generated from transactions carried out on the platform. 


Why Choose is the first and most popular platform that was a major contributor to the adoption of Bitcoin and general decentralized finance services. Its infrastructure is home to multiple cryptocurrency solutions and everyone In the DeFi market regardless of their position will find a use of the platform.



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