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What Is SolScan And How To Use It?


By Damian David Feb 27, 2023





SolScan is the most enhanced explorer and token tracker for the Solana Blockchain providing real-time data and statistics of the proof of history(PoH) governed network. It is also the best alternative to the other two Solana Blockchain Explorers; Solana Explorer and SolanaScan which are mostly still in their beta phases.


Unlike most Blockchain Explorers the SolScan was designed and developed by the Solana Blockchain developers themselves although it still has little similarities to EtherScan –Ethereum's Blockchain Explorer


Solana boasts to be made for mass adoption, because of its supposed highly scalable framework and building its own Explorer (s) seems like a way to solidify the claim.


At Glance


● SolScan was launched sometime in 2021 a few months after the launch of the Solana Blockchain in March 2020.


● SolScan is the most enhanced Solana Blockchain explorer as it provides more flexibility and use cases for users.


● SolScan has deFi and NFTs dashboard functionalities that provide real-time data about the most popular NFTs and deFi projects in the Solana Blockchain.


● SolScan can be seen as a search engine for the Solana Blockchain, every smart contract operation in the Solana Blockchain can be interpreted comprehensively with SolScan.


● SolScan provides the latest news snippets about the Solana Blockchain in the form of tweets.


● SolScan has a dashboard that shows the real-time TPS (Transaction Per Second) of the Solana Blockchain In the last 30 Minutes, 2 Hours and 6 Hours Respectively.


● You can use the SolScan in a permissionless manner, and you also have the option to create an account as well. 


● Using the SolScan Explorer with an account promises a better experience e.g. tracking wallets, than using it in a permissionless manner.


● SolScan provides an API for developers to leverage to create a database of their choice with respect to the Solana Blockchain.



How Does SolScan Work?


The Solana Blockchain is a Layer 1 framework built with the intent of allowing other dApps to build and improve on it, so this makes its blockchain home to quite a large and heterogeneous database, making the SolScan a very needed tool for users of the Solana Blockchain.


SolScan works by request or demand to aggregate metric and statistical data about transactions carried out in the Solana Blockchain. SolScan is a website that acts as a search engine but with more resourceful use cases that can offer profitable opportunities. It provides simplified smart contract transactional data in a readable and comprehensive way for anyone.


Although SolScan wasn't built by the same team behind EtherScan, It has quite a similar structure and interface to that of EtherScan, making it easier to navigate for those already familiar with EtherScan and other Explorers developed by the team behind EtherScan.




What Can You Use the SolScan To Do?


● It can be used to track any token pairs (AMMs), name services, and tokens by specific programs, amongst others.


● It can be used to track all NFTs that are on the Solana Blockchain according to top activities within the last 30 days.


● It can be used to keep up-to-date and real-time data about their favourite deFi project protocols.


● It can be used to keep an up-to-date, real-time TPS (Transaction per second) and Average Ping Time of the Solana Blockchain in a given timeframe.


● It can be used to update oneself on new developments and news from the Twitter community of the Solana Blockchain.


● It can be used to view transactions carried out in the Solana Blockchain (pending, confirmed, complete and failed).


● It can be used to view the most recent blocks validated in the Solana Blockchain and their respective validators.


● Users can make use of it to track and monitor all available validators in the Solana Blockchain.


● Its Public and Pro APIs can be used by developers to get and present real-time metric summaries of the Solana Blockchain.


● Users can use it to get accurate and real-time analytics about; Solana Network Statistics, Fee Tracker, and Adhoc Reports.


How To Use SolScan To Check Your Transaction Status;


● Copy your $SOL contract addresses, log into on your web browser and click on enter.


● It'll direct you to the SolScan homepage where you'll find a search bar atop the page.


● There are four types of search you can conduct with the search bar namely; Token Search, Address or Wallet Search, Program Search, NFT Search and Solana Domain Name Service Search.


● You're searching according to address or wallet so paste your copied contract addresses on the search bar and click enter.


● You'll be directed to a dashboard that is divided into six categories namely; Transactions, SOL Transfers, SPL Transfers, Token Accounts, Stake Accounts and Domains.


● The Dashboard is made to automatically show you just the "Transactions" part of it but you can switch between the categories with ease.


● The "Transactions" category of the dashboard will show you an overview of your SOL wallet according to balance and amount staked.


● Under this dashboard, you'll be provided with the metric details of the transactions made with your $SOL wallet.


● The transaction metric detail or metadata will be divided into six sections namely; "Signature", "Block", "Time", "Instructions", "By" and "Fee".


A "Signature" section in the SolScan is like the Transaction Hash or ID in EtherScan. Signatures in cryptocurrency are used to tell that you have access to a wallet's private keys without actually showing the keys.


The "Block" section shows the exact block that the transaction was included in and signed.


The "Time" section shows the exact time the transaction was confirmed in the Solana Blockchain.


The "Instruction" section tells the type of Execution logic and command of the transaction executed.


The "By" section tells the Signer of the transaction or the address by which the transaction originated.


The "Fee" section shows you the amount of SOL was used as a payment to the Validator involved in the validated block




To Explore NFTs On The Solana Blockchain;


The SolScan NFT dashboard consists of mainly three categories which are Collections, Trade, and New NFTs.


The NFT dashboard is one of the major parts of the homepage of the SolScan Explorer so it's easy to find. Switching to the Collection category one can view the top NFT collections on the Solana Blockchain according to their volumes in the past 24 Hours.


Metadata like the Collection Name, the Number of NFT Items within the collection, Their attributes, Their floor price, The last trade made in the collection etc are also provided in this category.


The Trade Category shows the most recent NFTs traded in the Solana Blockchain and metadata like The name of the NFT, The Market they were sold on, The amount of SOL used to make the trade, The Buyer, The Time it was bought etc are also provided.


The New NFT category can be used to track the newest NFTs minted on the Solana Blockchain and metadata like their name, their attributes, their collection, their created time etc are also provided.


To Explore deFi Platforms And Projects On The Solana Blockchain;


The SolScan deFi dashboard is used to track and monitor all the platforms currently launched on the Solana Framework or Mainnet.


Right under the NFTs Dashboard of the SolScan you'll find the deFi dashboard. On the top right of the dashboard, you'll find a button tagged "view dashboard". 


Click on it and It'll direct you to the page showing the top deFi platforms on the Solana Blockchain according to their Total Value Locked (TVL) and Volume (Trading/Transaction Volume).


Why Choose The SolScan?


To enjoy your experience while using the Solana Blockchain and its Layer-2 protocols, using the SolScan Explorer won't be far from the discussion. 


The SolScan is the most perfectly maximized explorer for the Solana Blockchain amongst the two other alternatives (Solana Explorer and SolanaScan)


It not only serves as an explorer or search engine but opens up various Web 3.0 opportunities for its users as the explorer is laced with rich utilitarian. SolScan Explorer gives you real-time data about its Blockchain and its community as well.


There is a section of the SolScan Explorer dedicated to providing information and news about the Solana Blockchain which will be beneficial to users and non-users.



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