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Top 7 Memecoins On Solana Blockchain By Holders In Q2


By Market Steam Apr 23, 2024


Solana, a blockchain with a market capitalization of $66.33 billion, has recently experienced notable increases in transaction volumes, active wallet engagement, and Total Value Locked (TVL), alongside the proliferation of memecoins within its ecosystem.


One of seven memecoins to be explored contributed over $66,036,834,000 worth of transfers in the last 24hrs to the Solana Blockchain.


Solana Memecoins


At Glance


● Top 7 memecoins on Solana Blockchain by holders include catwifhat, bonk, wen, cat in a dogs world, sealwifhat, smog, and dogwifhat.


● The Solana memecoin market constitutes over $7.2 billion of crypto market capitalization.


● with a 24hrs $1.3 billion in trading volume, dogwifhat leads the Solana memecoin market with over $3 billion in market capitalization. 


● Catwifhat leads as the most held memecoin on the Solana Blockchain with 1,296,868 holders.  



The Solana blockchain has become home to a thriving ecosystem of memecoins, with the top memecoins such as catwifhat, bonk, wen, cat in a dogs world, sealwifhat, smog, and dogwifhat all collectively boasting over 2,843,146 holders. 


Solana memecoins have garnered significant attention and investment from the crypto community, contributing to a total market capitalization of over $7.2 billion.


In particular, dogwifhat has emerged as a dominant player in the Solana memecoin market, boasting a 24-hour trading volume of $1.3 billion and a market capitalization exceeding $3 billion. This impressive performance has solidified dogwifhat's position as a leading memecoin on the Solana blockchain.


Meanwhile, catwifhat has distinguished itself as the most widely held memecoin on the Solana blockchain, with a total of 1,296,868 holders. This significant community of holders underscores the popularity and appeal of catwifhat within the Solana memecoin market.


Market Overview Of Top Solana Memecoins


Here's a comprehensive market overview of top 7 Solana memecoins by holders:


1. Catwifhat - 1,296,868 Holders


Catwifhat($CWIF), with a self-reported circulating supply of 33.94 Trillion is the most held memecoin in the Solana memecoin ecosystem with over 1,296,868 holders contributing over $1,229,949 in trading volume.


Catwifhat has reportedly burned 52% of its 77.87 Trillion initial supply, accounting to over 40.84 Trillion tokens burned as of 22nd April, 2024. 


The top 2 catwifhat holders control 0.21% each of the total supply worth $$566,956.07. 


Catwifhat was launched on December 12, 2023 to follow in the footsteps of Dogwifhat. It has reportedly suffered and survived two rugpull by two developer teams, scaling to $261,656,656.00 in market capitalization. 


Catwifhat Q2 trend shows a -48.6% dump after closing Q1 with a +122.6% price gains according to data from Coinrank. 



2. Bonk - 706,233 Holders 


Bonk memecoin comes as the second most held memecoin on the Solana Blockchain with a market capitalization of $1,864,695,618.94. 


Bonk is a self-acclaimed social layer and community memecoin with deep integrations as a utility token across a wide base of applications and protocols within the web3 ecosystem. 


Listed on 40+ dexes and centralized exchanges, with 66,295,523,592,414 circulating supply, $187,164,647 trading volume and over 100+ industry integration, Bonk is a vastly invested memecoin favored by the Solana memecoin community. 


Bonk was launched on December 25, 2022 as a Christmas gift to the Solana ecosystem and has since grown by 23,031.5% according to Coingecko.


Bonk market overview shows that the second most held memecoin on the Solana Blockchain has lost over -28% in Q2 of 2024 after closing Q1 with +108.8% gains according to Coinrank market analytics. 



3. Wen - 234,023 Holders


Wen, a Solana-based memecoin born off the concept of “fractional NFT ownership” is the 3rd most held memecoin on the Solana Blockchain. 


Wen memecoin’s inherent value comes from its ties with a famous “wen poem” that was tokenized as an NFT after garnering positive attention from crypto enthusiasts. 


Wen is held by over 234,023 memecoin enthusiasts contributing over 50k+ daily transfers with over $17-20 million in value to the Solana Blockchain. At the time of writing, Wen has a market capitalization of $170,882,166.13 with a circulating supply of 727,715,561,172. 


Wen closed Q1 with over +512.4% price gains but has since lost -42.6% as mid Q2 draws near, according to market data from Coinrank. 



4. Cat in a dogs world - 199,757 Holders


Cat in a dogs world is one of Solanas fastest growing memecoin with a $452,233,627 market capitalization and over $80 million in 24hrs trading volume. Cat in a dogs world, as the name implies, is a memecoin born to challenge the status quo of memecoins being mostly “dog-themed”. 


So far, Cat in a dogs world has garnered wide support and strength as it blazingly achieved 199,757 holders contributing millions of transfer and trading volume to the Solana Blockchain. 


Cat in a dogs world or mew has a circulating supply of 88,888,888,888 and is held by 199,757 Solana memecoin enthusiasts.


Mew’s top 1 supply holder controls over 4.96% of the supply worth $22,182,628.94 at the time of writing.


Cat in a dogs world is only a month old yet saw over +512.1% price gains. However, it has since dumped by -20.4% as mid Q2 draws near. 



5. Sealwifhat 140,113 Holders 


For the love of marine life, sealwifhat was born to celebrate the allure of the sea alongside blends of other popular internet elements such as dogs and cats.


At core, sealwifhat is a boring seal by the water bodies, however, this seal knows quite a number of tricks for navigating the ocean unlike public opinions as it attains a staggering 140,049 holders count with $1,087,763.44 market capitalization.


Compared to its predecessor, this is tiny achievement, and it's quarterly performance so far shows great weakness as it ended Q1 with -26.6% price dump and in Q2 so far, experienced over -68.9% continuous depreciation. 



6. Smog - 135,452 Holders 


Smog is a meme coin that has recently gained significant attention in the crypto market. After its successful launch on Solana, it has since expanded to the Ethereum network


Smog comes 6th on the list of top Solana memecoins by holders with 135,452 Solana addresses holding smog collectively attaining a $123,910,869 market capitalization. 


It is important to note that top 10 smog holders control 719,716,920.72 of the memecoin supply, accounting to about 51.4% of the million dollar memecoin’s 1.4 billion total supply.


Smog Q2 trend is on a -59.5% price depreciation signally potential future bloodbath as the memecoin remains to post any quarterly gains. 



7. Dogwifhat - 130,700 Holders 


Dogwifhat (WIF) prides itself as the biggest Solana-based memecoin by market capitalization as it sits at $2,760,033,246 market value with each token trading at $2.76. 


Dogwifhat is the 7th most held memecoin on the Solana Blockchain with 130,700 holders of 998,926,392 WIF tokens. 


Dogwifhat is a top 47 crypto token by market capitalization, effectively becoming the forth largest memecoin following Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe token. 


With over $307.95 million in trading volume - last 24hrs - Dogwifhat shows great momentum to reverse it's -39.7% depreciation Q2 trend after closing Q1 with a +2902.1% gains. 



The Bottom Line


The Solana blockchain has witnessed a surge in memecoins, contributing to its ecosystem's growth. Amongst the top seven memecoins on Solana, including catwifhat, bonk, wen, cat in a dogs world, sealwifhat, smog, and dogwifhat, over 2.8 million holders collectively participated in the market.


Notably, dogwifhat leads in market capitalization and trading volume, while catwifhat boasts the highest number of holders. 


Despite fluctuations, these memecoins have attracted significant investment, with dogwifhat emerging as a dominant player in the Solana memecoin market.


All data contained in this content are at the time of writing. Refer to cited sources for most recent data. Holders data are sourced from Solscan. 





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