World's 7 Most Expensive Necklaces


By Reel Coverage May 15, 2024


For many years, the world’s wealthiest people wore brilliant jewelry as a means of social expression. This piece walks us through seven most expensive necklaces ever made, each ranging in value from $20 million to over $200 million.


Most Expensive Necklaces


Jewelry has been very important to different societies and civilizations around the world. Some older known jewelry can be traced back to prehistoric times and made in the Upper Paleolithic period over 40,000 years ago. Cave paintings from this time show people wearing shell rings, teeth and animal bone rings.


Rings went on to become more and more decorative as civilization developed changing their purpose from being just a way of individual adornment to one that is an indication of social status or wealth acquisition. Kings, queens and other members of the nobility even wore necklaces, crowns and other items made out of gold, silver, and gemstones showing their power. Different societies developed unique techniques for making rings with some of the most complicated ones found in ancient Egypt, Greece or Rome.


Fast forward to today, and jewelry is still a global business worth billions of dollars. Although many people of different religions buy and wear earrings to show their commitment to their faith or in order to look beautiful, others do so as signifiers of wealthiness or important moments such as weddings. Much of the beauty for which expensive rings are famous lies in the designs that follow on from each other and are becoming more intricate, together with the scarcity-value of materials like diamonds that can make them worth much more than money itself.


Top 7 Most most Expensive Necklaces 


1. Hope Diamond - $200-250 million


The Smithsonian Institution’s National Gem Collection features a large dark blue diamond weighing 45.52 carats known as Hope Diamond. It comes from mines in Golconda India has had several renowned owners and valued at $2. hundred-250 million also making it the most expensive necklace ever.


2. Inheritance in Bloom – $200 Million


A Heritage in Bloom introduced to the world a new international ensemble by renowned Chinese jeweler Wallace Chan in the year 2007. The necklace is difficult due to a 383. Four carat colorless diamond at its core which is surrounded by a massive stone and 19 additional colorless diamonds, bordered with icy green jades of 114 pieces, white sheep fat jades of 72 units and crimson diamonds numbering six hundred. Weighing over half a kilogramme, this necklace’s modularity encompasses twenty-seven different lay-out options showing masterly ability of Mr Chan.


3. L'Incomparable Diamond Necklace - $55 million


L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace was produced by Mouawad, a luxury jeweler; it features the largest internally flawless diamond ever seen on earth. It weighs around 407 carats with this mammoth rock hanging from a rose gold chain and 230 carats of smaller diamonds making up the entire weight of the necklace to be 637 carats all together. According to legend, a young lady found its middle diamond inside piles of mining waste somewhere in the Congo democratic Republic during the early eighties; now here is what I think about it. It has an asymmetrical design that appears vine-like making it one of the most exorbitant necklaces among those made before like herself.


4. Constellation Necklace - $50 million


The Paris-based Cartier jeweler helped in the making of The Constellation Necklace which took over 1,300 hours to complete. More than 45 craftsmen meticulously arranged more than 1000 beautifully cut diamonds on platinum, placing each stone in such a way that it appeared like a sparkling night sky. Everything possible has been done to ensure that no conventional strategies of high jewelry are used during the creation process of this particular necklace for maximum exceptionality. The Constellation Necklace is owned by  Europe’s royal family thus showing Cartier’s legacy of pushing boundaries and making unique masterpieces with finest necklaces in his field.


5. Moussaieff red diamond necklace - $27.5 million


This necklace once belonged to the UK’s former Queen Elizabeth and found its way into London-based gem dealer Moussaieff’s collection in the 50s. Its design is a 5.11-carat cushion cut pink diamond, one of the largest faceted pink diamonds anywhere in the world. Red diamonds as big and clear as this one are among the rarest stones on earth with their fiery colors caused by structural flaws known as “plastic deformation.” The necklace also has smaller round brilliant purple diamonds on an 18k white gold chain. With a current appraised value of $27 million, this necklace represents extraordinary natural-colored diamonds for earrings.


6. Marie Antoinette's necklace- $25 million


The last queen of France, Marie Antoinette, favored this dazzling necklace. It was made in the late eighteenth century when French royal riches were at their peak and originally contained over six hundred natural pearls and diamonds. The necklace perfectly captured the flamboyant taste of the queen and illustrated some of the most advanced jewelry techniques of the era. After Marie Antoinette’s tragic end during the entire French Revolution period, it took over two centuries before anyone could see it again. Chaumet found it and used sketches by the Queen to return it to its former glory. Today this ancient piece is worth 25 million dollars; it remains as one of the important surviving objects from her legendary collection.


7. Queen Farida of Egypt Necklace – $20 Million


This necklace was designed in the 1930s for Queen Farida of Egypt by the famous Paris jeweler Chaumet. It has over a hundred carats worth of diamonds and the emerald that weighs over fifty carats. The necklace shows how rich were these Egyptian royalties at that time. It had many owners before it was purchased and restored back to its original condition in the 1990s with the help of Chaumet.


Summing up, the top seven most expensive necklaces ever made symbolize ultimate jewelry satisfaction. Each one is an example of exceptional workmanship as well as unobtainable materials, both historically royal and modern expressions of excess art too. These necklaces have fascinated civilizations for generations; they are found in museums and are priced in billions. They include almost all types; from those representing status symbols, to spiritual pieces or even just beautiful works of art, they have enamored societies throughout history but also remained as part of the highest luxury class on earth.


It is my hope that by diving into every individual necklace, this content will prove quite useful in explaining why these are the best necklaces ever made. In other words, this blog post aimed to explain why these adorable necklaces cost between $20 million and over $200 million by summing up their first-class provenance, fabrics and artistic mastery behind each one of them.




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