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Promoting NFTs - Effective Strategies To Promote NFT Collections In 2024


By Reel Coverage Feb 16, 2024


Whether you're a standard business or an individual looking to test the waters of NFT marketplaces, this article is a comprehensive guide on effective NFT promotion practices.


NFT Promotion


Understanding NFT Promotions


There's not a one-size-fits-all when it comes to NFT promotions, just as there's none with any form of business promotion. The market may react differently to two different projects or companies selling a product with the exact strategies, there are a lot of variables to how to effectively reach one's target audience but nothing a little research and testing here and there can't fix. 


Take it from us, the most important thing when it comes to NFT promotions is to know what your target audience wants. Sometimes people seek to have fun with certain investments and sometimes the demand is plainly “sustainable income”, a proper market study puts one in a position to know the right keywords to communicate with the market.


Decide And Define Your NFT Brand Voice


A brand voice is the consistent and unique expression of a brand's personality, values, and communication style. It encompasses the tone, language, and communication style used across various channels to convey a brand's identity and connect with its target audience. 


Establishing a distinctive brand voice for your NFT project is crucial to set you apart from the crowd and draw you closer to your potential success. It creates a platform to effectively build brand recognition, make meaningful connections with consumers, and earn memorable brand experience.


Think about this, if I were to ask you what you'd think about “The Simpsons NFTs” - If one was launched - what would come to mind? 


That's right, most definitely something “funny”. If you're conversant with the Simpsons then you'd know that the television series has a thing for humor, satire and social commentary, effectively creating a brand voice from this very unique blend.


Did you know they did an episode on NFTs?


Here's a video. 



Whilst you may not “realistically” be able to make a movie around humor to make your NFT collection worth millions, you can make an NFT collection that resonates with the market by determining what traits should be associated with your brand, playful, authoritative, friendly, or sophisticated?


This is crucial to build influence within the saturated NFT market and serves as a blueprint for all NFT collection related promotions initiatives.


For example, if you were to make a short video about your NFT, what would be in it? You just basically telling the audience to go buy your stuff? While that might work to some extent, there's a chance that a video with playful commentary about one thing or the other may create a bigger buzz that leads to better sales results. 


Introduce Your NFT Collections Via Email Marketing


Did you know that the search for “NFT Newsletter” has an estimated volume of 3.4k globally with very low competition? That's 3.4k investors looking for good NFT projects to throw money at. 


Did you also know that statistics show that for every $1 spent on email marketing, there's a whopping $44 ROI ? Still wondering why promoting NFTs via email is an effective marketing channel?


Let's dive deeper.


NFT promotions via email marketing typically involve the use of Newsletters to promote NFT projects or collections. To start an email list for this, the best email softwares for launching news letters include Getresponse(overall best), MailerLite and Systeme (best for all in one marketing). 


The benefits of your own newsletter is that you save on advertising cost and can more effectively build brand connections with your audience, but the question is: how do you go about that? 


To effectively promote your NFT brand/collection using your Newsletter, follow this guidelines:


● Build An Email List Around Your Brand Voice: 


Yes, it is vital that your email list(newsletter) aligns dynamically with your brand voice.


This is essentially to scale your promotion to your audience when the time comes. So while building a list, promote your newsletter with “keywords” that's a tell of your brand personality so that new signs ups know what to expect. 


You're probably wondering, how to get sign ups?


Remember the search volume for NFT Newsletters on Google, it's highly likely that this volume is consistent with social media spaces too. As such, you could build a website or use blogging sites like Medium to push content about “NFT Newsletters” targeting that audience. 


Via this content, you should promote your NFT Newsletter using your brand voice. Simultaneously, use social media spaces to promote your Newsletters in Like-manner.


● Tell a story cause stories sell:


This strategy can also bring you more newsletter sign ups if you promote your stories in key spaces. 


You'd always come across people that say they don't read books, but yet, everyone loves stories. Once you have a platform - your Newsletter - you can mix sending out NFT news with telling art stories. 


At all times, your stories must be consistent with your brand voice because you want your audience to be fully into you and what you're selling. These story tellings set the platform for you to sell your collection to your audience. 


● Tell more stories and promote your NFT Collections in the process:


Whilst of your own accord, you can experiment more strategies to get your audience indulged. That said, with your audience being exposed to these stories, promoting your NFT collection becomes easy. 


Why? It's easier to talk about your drive, your creative processes, inspiration and backstories of your creations, effectively selling your audience a reason to own a piece of an artist’s creative mind.


The benefits of using newsletters for this is because compared to other promotions channels like social media - which we'd talk about - newsletters are a quieter room, giving the writers full power to trap the readers in any story. 


Expand Your Story Telling To Social Media


As mentioned above, storytelling can aid you get more Newsletter sign ups and effectively, make more sales, so it is rather crucial to aggressively embrace social media storytelling.


You can choose to tell your audience half the story and refer them to your Newsletter for the full coverage, or tell them full and promise them better stories on your newsletter.


This blend builds brand value as it proves to the market that you're dedicated to making an impact. 


While at these social spaces, you can create various short pieces like something from your creative processes or some meme - if your brand voice fits - and short videos if possible to draw more attention to your collections. 


Optimize Your NFT Listing For Internal Boost


Depending on your choice of NFT marketplace for listing your NFT collection, optimize your listing with necessary tags and keywords to boost your visibility within the platform.


This helps to draw in potential investors exploring the marketplace via search queries or similar collection listings.


Build A Community Via Incentivization


Having a strong community is versatile for long-term sustainability, unless you're only after a one-time sales and dash.


One of the easiest ways of building a strong community is by converting your email list audience for example into an active social army for your NFT brand.


You can incentivize this practice by perhaps offering “future listing” drops, some token incentives or points with hidden future rewards. This practice is expected to boost your social authority and make the broader market view your community and NFT Brand as a strong space with high potentials.


Collaborate with influencers, engage with the market and scale


This is the part where you let your hard work pay off. With a strong community, an active email list, an active marketplace sales, collaborating with influencers to gain more exposure becomes incredibly easy. 


Collaborations can be built on varying contracts, a mutual project promotion is amongst the most common forms of collaboration as it fosters inter-community relationships and engagement effectively leading to mutual growth. 


NFTs are still relatively new, whilst the internal market may appear saturated, there's rather low competition outside and that gives collections like yours room to grow into the top leagues. 


By following this guide, we're optimistic you'd find your feet in effectively scaling your NFT Collection and brand. 







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