Last Updated Oct. 01, 2023. Effective Date: 1 Oct. 01, 2023


Privacy Policy


A. Introduction


● Purpose of this Privacy Policy consistently strives to handle day-to-day business operations on ethical grounds, thus we value our users, consumers and/or visitors and respect their privacy. 


The purpose of this page as labelled "Privacy Policy" is intended to inform our users of how we acquire and handle specific data or information of them through their use of our services hosted on the domain "". otherwise referred to or represented as "WE", "US", or "OUR" throughout this privacy policy uses several mediums to collect usage and performance data through several channels of our services. 


By continuing to use this service you(users, site visitors, referrals, etc.) wholly agree to the processing(collection, storage and transferring) of your usage data and/or personal information where applicable. 


● Scope of information collected


The range and limitations of data collected through your use of our services hosted on the domain "" are defined in this privacy policy for clarity and acknowledgement from you. 


It is important to note that the collection of your usage and personal data enables us to deliver our services to you effectively, otherwise, has no need or reason to collect or store your data. 


● Consent to data processing


By using our services from the effective date of this privacy policy, you consent(wholly agree) to the processing of your usage and provided data by us( 


Whilst publishes a notice for data processing(which can be blocked by most modern browsers), merely continuing your use of our services hosted on "" is a form of consent to your data being collected, stored, analyzed and transferred when necessary. 


B. Information Collection


● Types and sources of information collected


We collect information you provide to use at your own discretion e.g. Your contact email and/or phone number via contact forms on various pages of our websites. 


Additionally, we collect several autonomous information from your use of our services like your IP address, browser type, device information, pages you visit on our site, how long you stay on these pages, actions you took while on these pages, etc. 


Some of this information is sent to us as "Log Data" from your browser while others are made available via our use of specialized analytics software to acquire usage and performance data for the monitoring and improvement of our services in both user experience and security. 


● Cookies and tracking technologies


We use software called cookies to improve your experience on our site. Cookies are files our website sends to your browser to remember your preferences and certain activities you perform while on our site. 


Cookies we use are called "first-party cookies" and are generally used by us to give you the best page experience from content access to easy site navigation and exploration. 


That said, several third-party services we use on our website may also use cookies to track or monitor user activities or behaviours. These cookies are called "third party cookies" and may contain several layers of personal data, analytics and performance monitoring software. 


An example of such cookies is used by ad networks like Google Adsense to personalize your experience when it comes to the ads it displays to you. Generally, Google uses a collective set of data from your activities across the web to serve ads to you and these data may generally not have been obtained during your visit or usage of our platform. 


You can always turn off this feature by reaching out to Google and can likewise stop us from obtaining data from you via cookies by ending your usage of our services, otherwise, will always be able to place cookies on your browser as though, like most websites, it needs this to function properly. 


Please note that in addition to cookies, may employ several other tracking technologies that enable us to effectively understand our readers'/users' interest and satisfaction when interacting with content on pages on our website. 


C. Use of Information


● How collected information is used


● We and our affiliates/partners use some information we obtain from your usage to serve you ads tailored to your interest for the best experience. 


● We use some information from your visits to optimize our pages for future usage. 


● We use some data from your usage to deliver appropriate content. 


● We use the information we obtain from usage to enhance our security and distinguish between humans and bots. 


● Our tracking services enable us to safeguard our business from attacks and malicious user intents. 


● We use select data you provide to us to keep you informed of our services. Such data includes your email address and phone numbers which we use to forward our newsletters that you at your own discretion subscribed to. 


● Third-party sharing of data


Through the integration of third-party tracking services like "Google Analytics", shares your information with the defined partners. may also share your information with government officials where needed. will never sell your personal information to a third party, we only collect data to understand our audience and deliver services tailored to their needs. 


● Retention and deletion of data


We may retain the data we collect over a select period of time that remains relevant to the effective delivery of our services. 


We may also delete obtained data when requested by the user or where the keeping of such data becomes of no relevance nor of any threat to our ethical business practices. 


D. Security Measures


● Data security practices


We and our partners employ several data security initiatives to safeguard your personal information to the greatest extent. 


● Notification of data breaches


In the event of a data breach, you may or may not be informed of the event depending on the severity of it and possibly the limitations in communication for users we hold no contact details of. 


E. User Rights


● Access to personal data


As a user of this service, you have the right at any time to access your personal data within our possession by contacting us


● Correction and deletion requests


You also have the right to request a correction or deletion of your personal data and we will comply to the greatest extent possible with respect to your request. 


● Opt-out options


Opt-outs are specifically available to users for whom we hold contact details. You may opt out of receiving our emails by clicking on the "unsubscribe" button always made available in our emails to you. 


F. Children's Privacy


● Age restrictions


This service is not for individuals under the age of 16. You confirm to be of the specified age whilst using our service. does not intend to obtain nor process the data of minors and will lawfully not be held for such as all user pledge their reach of the minimum age requirements. 


If you are not 16 or above, please discontinue the use of our services. 


G. Updates to Privacy Policy


● Notification of changes


We may update our privacy policy at any time deemed fit and may inform individuals of whose contact details we hold, likewise a general announcement on our website. 


However, these events may not be carried out depending on our analysis of the severity of our policy updates thus you are required to also check this page for updates as the dates of policy modifications will also be specified above. 


Actively check back in for updates