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Terms of Service (TOS)


A. Introduction


● Purpose of this Terms Of Service(TOS)


The content of this page as labelled "Terms of Service" is intended to address all "service" related practices undertaken by to effectively provide you with the services it was designed for. 






We require all users of our services provided via the domain "" to carefully read and understand the words within this TERMS OF SERVICE("AGREEMENT") and WHOLLY ACCEPT IT CONTENT. 


THIS SERVES AS A LEGAL CONTRACT BETWEEN ICOVERAGE.IO (otherwise referred to as "WE", "US", and "OUR" throughout this TOS) AND USERS ("YOU", "YOUR") OF IT SERVICES.


"YOU", and "YOUR" refer to BUT are not limited to site visitors, users, referrals, web crawlers, etc.


● Acceptance of Terms builds towards achieving Its mission and vision to be an added source for factual digital content on niche ecosystems detailed here. However, whilst we work to be held competent of our acquired roles in the digital space, we in no way assume any responsibilities for the damages that may spawn from the use of any of our services offered on the domain "" and in no way claim any influence over the operations of "third-party" services linked from/to ours. 


By using our website ""(which we welcome you to) YOU wholly agree to this terms of service in the understanding that WE are not Finance or legally qualified industry experts. The nature of contents contained in our domain are designed to simplify niche topics and are based on several layers of research that WE cannot assume "full authenticity" of the data acquired and provided on "" thereof. 


Content, messages or thoughts expressed by authors on "" by both staff and contributors are solely those of the authors and in no way constitute a legal recommendation from icoverage, its partners or investors. 


Your continued use of this service hosted and operating via our public domain "" is an indisputable agreement to all our terms of services including all future updates, changes or modifications of these terms. 


● Changes To This Terms Of Service 


Moving forward, reserves the right to change, update or modify these terms of service without prior notice. These changes will reflect OUR adjusted business operations and/or changes in applicable laws. 


YOU are solely responsible for reviewing our terms regularly by visiting this page. If changes or updates have been made, the date above will indicate the update time and WE employ YOU to wholly re-read the terms when there's a modification. 


B. User Responsibilities


● Account creation and security does not currently provide accounts to users of its website, however, leverages "third-party" comment systems to boost engagement in our platform. 


YOU are solely responsible for the safeguarding of your personal information whilst using this service as controls only a minimal portion of the data provided to these software services. 


To learn what type of data has access to from these types of services, please contact us


You can request that we do not keep or process your data at any time. 


● Prohibited activities


Users are prohibited from engaging in the following activities whilst accessing our services:


Spamming: You agree to not individually or via the use of automated systems spam "" with malicious emails, comments, links, or by sending bot traffic to our services. 


Republishing of content: YOU must not copy and redistribute any content from "" without our written consent. You may quote and appropriately source our content by leaving a clickable link of reference(next to the quote) to the appropriate content at all times! 


Any form of avoiding providing easy access to the original source of information posted by us is prohibited. Violating parties will have to take down our materials or properly reference our content. 


Advertising with company name: YOU are prohibited from acting as a representative of "" or using our company name or assets in paid advertisements. Bidding on the company's name for malicious or marketing purposes that mislead people will be legally dealt with. 


● Compliance with laws aims to maintain a business environment that is compliant with regional laws. As such, as a user of OUR service, YOU are prohibited from violating any laws in your jurisdictions while accessing our service. This involves the use of VPNs maliciously to bypass laws and other applicable actions. 


● Reporting violations


All OUR users are employed to make reports of violations or abuse by clicking here


C. Intellectual Property


● Ownership of content


All content provided by us is protected by intellectual property laws. We also use several "third-party" services to deliver industry standards content to OUR users. 


This includes the use of image generation and design software like CANVA for image and design production, as well as Font systems like Flaticon to attain several assets for the presentation of different contents on pages on our website. 


In addition to our property rights, several third-party digital content protection laws protect some content on our pages. 


● User-generated content


Suppose you submit any content to us for publication either via our offered guest publishing page or directly. In that case, you agree that we may modify and distribute your content as we deem fit. 


YOUR non-exclusive license granted to us to use your content exempts us from any attempt to exploit the company on the grounds of this content. 


YOU confirm ownership or rights to distribute any content you submit to us, any form of content theft will be heavily fined by us and possibly by the violated owners. 


● Copyright and trademark notices


We employ you to respect copyright laws by refraining from violating our intellectual property rights and others. 


D. Termination


● Grounds for termination reserves the right to terminate your use of any of our services if found to violate any of our written terms which binds our consumer-business relationship. 


● Effects of termination


An act of termination can cause but is not limited to a loss of personal data, access to our domain "", access to products where applicable and loss of business or consumer relation with 


E. Liability and Disclaimers


● Limitation of liability


On the basis of the content of this agreement otherwise defined as "Terms Of Service", We and our Affiliates will not be held accountable or liable for any form of damages caused or spawned from your use of our services. 


● Disclaimer of warranties


YOUR use of our service is at your own risk, while we strive to provide YOU with the best services, we do not make any guarantees nor express responsibility for any kind of damage that may ensue from the use of our services hosted on the domain "". We are not a financial service and do not provide financial or legal advice, you are required at all times to get in touch with qualified individuals before making any finance or legal decision based on contents accessed on our pages.


● Indemnification


YOU agree to indemnify us and our affiliate against any claims, damages or losses. 


Actively check back in for updates.