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Advertise To An Undistracted Growing Audience Of Finance And Crypto Curious Users

Icoverage In Overview


Over 2.2 Million Unique Visitors


Low bounce rate of 26%
High User Retention


8 Pages Per Visit with 18 minutes Average Duration


Ad Types Offered


Top Page Banners

Make your business seen by every visitor, top pages banners are the best ways to promote your business as each visitor gets to see it upon page loads, we currently no not support animated display ads, just static banners. 


Top page banners are bid type ads, meaning that unless you're the only advertiser using this option on, your ad is subject to replacement and will be pushed to the bottom or in-pages if other advertisers bid higher than you. Upon promotion, we will let you know if you have any competitions. If you're unable to win the top page bid, your ad will be placed within pages of the site relative to your pricing value.


Top Page Banner bidding begins at $140/week.

Sponsored Articles and Press Releases

We treat both promotion types the same, unlike other platforms. There are no limits in text, however, if articles are excessively long, additional charges may apply. These ad types hold a lot of benefits on This is because we make use of content algorithms to improve our user experience via "Content Recommendations'' not disturbingly popping into a user's feed as they read. Why does this matter to you as an advertiser? It matters because your sponsored content or press release is more visible because of this algorithm regardless of what page a visitor is currently visiting.


We do not censor any ad on our platform unlike most platforms, thus, our third-party algorithms working to improve user experience may recommend your ads(articles) to our visitors while they are reading some random post. This increases your chances of getting more unique readers, and potential visitors and buyers.


We work with our advertisers, if needed, for a small charge to enlighten them more on the best practices to get high visibility from these algorithms. Sponsored articles and press releases begin at $800(negotiable for small businesses).

Why Should You Advertise On 


Growing Audience Of Curious and Enthusiastic Crypto Users


Highly Engaged Visitors


Low Bounce Rate


User Friendliness


No Censorship Of Advertisement

Advertisements on are shown as paid for, no ads are removed from our platform unless we discover some bad intents which will be disclosed to the advertisers. Banners may be removed if outbidded or no longer funded or the displayed projects are found to be fraudulent. Sponsored articles and press releases however don't get removed but will be updated with a warning of fraud and risk to protect our users, we may also take steps to block it from crawling into our recommendations feeds. For other ad formats not specified here, contact us by filling the form below. We accept only crypto payments.

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