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Make your business seen by every visitor, banners are the best ways to promote your business as each visitor gets to see it upon page loads, we currently don't support animated display ads, just static banners. 


Top page banner bidding begins at $399/Month.

In-page banners at $250/Month.

Bottom page banners at $150/Month.

Header Message With A Link


What's the best way to grab readers' attention than a sticky message well presented with an easy access path? advertisers can leverage this to promote practical anything at a price of $499/Month.

Push To Action Button


Who doesn't like pressing buttons? everybody does and this makes push buttons great ways to promote your brand with links buried under this fully customizable button.


Push-to-action button bidding begins at $400/Month.

Sponsored Articles and Press Releases


We treat both promotion types the same in terms of section of the publication. There are no limits in text, however, if articles are excessively long, additional charges may apply. These ad types hold a lot of benefits on This is because we publish them directly into the main feed which means higher visibility and higher potential click-throughs.


Sponsored articles begin at $300 and press releases begin at $239, to get your sponsored/press release articles placed in the spotlight, or do not miss fields - which are viewable on all content pages, additional charges will apply depending on the position you want it and how long it will be made viewable to users.

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For other ad formats not specified here, contact us by filling out the form below. We accept only crypto payments.

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