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Blackrock's Crypto Portfolio - Insights Into Blackrock’s Crypto Investments


By Nerly Shammah Jan 26, 2024


Blackrock's venture into crypto signals a major development poised to merge traditional finance with the world of decentralized finance. Here's an overview of Blackrock's crypto portfolio with key addresses to watch.




At Glance


● Blackrock's crypto portfolio consists of bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization as at January, 2024.


● Via IBIT, Blackrock offers investors exposure to Bitcoin as an investment asset without the perceived burden associated with managing crypto assets. 


● Following an approval on January 11, 2024, Blackrock’s spot bitcoin ETF is its first direct portfolio investment including a crypto asset. 


● Interested investors can easily gain access to IBIT via their existing brokerage accounts without the need to sign up with a crypto exchange. 


● Blackrock's crypto portfolio is worth over $1.8 Billion in bitcoin spread across 40 addresses listed below.




Tracking an entity or individuals’ crypto investments can be a hassle, most investors turn to use special tracking software, more commonly called crypto portfolio trackers to keep taps of their crypto investments and that of others. 


But what's the good of a portfolio tracker if you don't know the entity's wallet address? 


Yes, we understand the pain. But there's good news. Blackrock is the largest asset manager in the world with approximately $6 trillion in asset value under its management. This makes it a big player in the financial market, one that various firms and individuals would be keeping an eye on. 


As such, getting to discover Blackrock’s bitcoin address was only inevitable with so many eyes on it. On-chain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence was able to identify Blackrock’s bitcoin addresses (listed below), thereby giving users ease to track the inflow of investments in Blackrock’s spot bitcoin ETF, IBIT.


What Crypto Is Blackrock Investing In?


Blackrock is primarily investing in Bitcoin and offering a spot bitcoin ETF as an investment product for its clients looking to delve into the world of crypto without having to deal with the hassle of self-custodianship. 


For each bitcoin ETF acquired by clients, a corresponding amount in actual BTC is bought on a crypto exchange and stored in a Blackrock owned bitcoin address. Coinbase serves the role of the sole custodian for Blackrock’s bitcoin investment inflow via its ETF, IBIT. 


With approximately $1,822,202,166.57 inflow of value, Blackrock’s crypto portfolio holds about 45.668K BTC managed across about 40 addresses holding on average $40 million worth of bitcoin each at the time of writing.


Blackrock has reportedly filed for an Ethereum ETF but has yet to receive approval from the SEC. Speculations cite that moving forward, Blackrock is bound to expand its offerings and delve deeper into crypto with more ETFs launched. 


How To Track Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF Addresses


As aforementioned, Blackrock's bitcoin addresses are 40 in number, this makes it difficult to manually discover, scan or keep taps on using blockchain explorers.


The good news? There are several portfolio tracking software to easily keep track of multiple crypto addresses from one account and the industry's best is Coinstats. So we got all the Blackrock's bitcoin addresses listed below that you can easily track with a free coinstats account.


But first, visit and sign up for a free account. On clicking the link, you'd land on a page offering you a discount on premium subscription, you can ignore this if you're only after using basic tracking features which are available for free. Simply click on the Coinstats logo on the top left and that will take you to the home page where you can easily create a free account by clicking “Get Started”. 


If you're on mobile, you'd have to click a profile icon on the top right of the home page then you'd see the get started button.


After creating an account with your preferred method(you can create one by simply connecting your own wallet if you intend to use it to monitor your own investments too) right on the home page, you'd find a search bar to input any address and track. 


This feature can be used even without creating an account but the purpose of creating one is so you can add these Blackrock’s addresses to your personal watchlist with the appropriate names. The following addresses are those of Blackrock as identified by on-chain analytics firm Arkham Intelligence:




● 1A5Ta1dChi5RM8vvtVW7CVCwinTjZb7bUe




● 19RkUi8DRtes7tzihDmZtT7Lpu3wHfXaqV




● 19ibnMQ8yW3hCLikCMB2E4ajmJyGtm7323




● 1L5og1PF7stDrkibN8cr1NShP8hHtouFCo




● 1M3gzq9oJZBbWRjANeWjnrK4is3ERL9Xtg




● 1P3iYecCPVnwwNbEpWp5y3HiwTW9DGS2xD




● 19o3A1oqEvDACxjHF41PGspZoXBnh4yjTG




● 1FW7RYokVDq58TCUJ1j1uCJRj2yzJktfzL




● 12sZaPJKnCyZB1uyWUnaDnLUGJSb3xNgcm




● 18K3dEbuwK6pfEE1NCNb1qpnQqhCfEEAPA




● 1Cg3fKvSKaTURoKRNifu9MwvouNAb3p3u4




● 1C53EaKHgLCVftkuFGeXL7ubHcyhTWSSDd








● 13tCzGAMZhuq1K6VDsfV5pvHgXxgbkYsgQ




● 1CrGdDTtp4s4yxuYjtcASZ4PxtLvhbasQn




● 1G4gcbYFX8feYbCvbsC7v4WrrU1n14rdQ5




● 15xuV3SyQfgbR6oaqv67SnZFtvR5hZq5Uu




● 147fDJ3Ln2VM87nqQcetFpaCQ6UdqG7HjG




● 18dddkp5AQk8qnf224rkr7dgUFgRjvG9F2




● 14hzhYFsdNaaPhamNPZQSZDnKViph4quwv




● 1DZb6vHJE3jb3n3Y6KrzBkBG7P9YnGzPx9




● 18q7rMd3E9Qq1Y2xZZAckdB7s7fjVmPBZQ




● 18xM6FjsiyfukWS6k3f8EEtF4cCKGmQRRB




● 17TofPnNZd9kzY34y8nX9FnppkBLkZwxCR








● 1VqTy1oSGymiZx5pFwUfsnaUF28nMgab8




● 17RrB273m6payxw2sW6MH9xiLaYiGMMGjV




● 18KA15gWxzafojfi1w4ZaEpCfDBVnyUcrN




● 16cJfbxVDcWDmUDuhDsam6Rw5m5i9mByTr




● 1BoTSXbPJqept6saHPCW6U1Uj4RmVbEeWW




● 1Dmjds2Yx4TuNqpdGVgHLi4TeYv2EcNaso




● 1Ka7KqsrQoqHbCG5JX6PPygwpfNQETton2




● 1BU6jywRECKmuNA6yYq5YCyeWnsw4vtP2B




● 1FiAwq1yiCi8X6Viz83biwMv5hv85Dt6LH




● 1J9Kt1pYArS1k2PPQz9E2cn8gxQDuYi9Gn




● 1KugF4K2ynf7tLVg1TxYB2ecMs8RJ1bzDh




● 15piuXqtUta8qCy4gnjkBWPwcjfaXj62GL




● 1JF28b6vWhuxJKhLaFg2HQJXuEcJviieeX




● 15TXy4zht3fCM7KJmE2m8LH1magvRiSTFz




● 1FibeML7cFtRVFKt3CmbmTcyTVZ1sEphjL





Values are based on the time of writing. Source: Arkham Intelligence


Simply copy these addresses, search on Coinstats and add to your watchlist with the name configured to “Blackrock” for easy differentiation from future portfolios. At your own discretion, you can explore other Coinstats features available for tracking portfolios and making informed investments.


Is Blackrock's Bitcoin ETF A Good Investment?


Investing in Blackrock bitcoin ETF is no different from directly buying bitcoin, profit-wise. The benefits of investing in Blackrock's bitcoin ETF lies in the fact that you can access it from your current brokerage account and you don't have to worry about the safety of your bitcoins as all coins are managed by Blackrock and it's partner custodians.


However, it is important to understand that this custodianship comes with it's own unique fees which aren't there when directly buying bitcoin.





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