Who is the owner of Gujarat Titans?


By Daniel Asikpo Jul 28, 2023


The game of cricket is an enjoyable sport in India which has added to the economic growth of the country, attracting foreign investors and Gujarat Titans has added to the country's financial boom.


image representation of the Gujarat Titans


The question of "Who is the owner of Gujarat Titans?" has been asked several times as to who really owns the Indian Premier League Cricket team Gujarat Titan. In this article, we will cover this and more.


A Brief History of Cricket Sport in India


Cricket in India is more than just a game; it's a cultural obsession that brings people together, regardless of their backgrounds, to celebrate the sport and support their favourite teams and players. 


The passion for cricket is an integral part of the Indian way of life. Cricket has transcended the boundaries of being just a sport and has become a significant social phenomenon in India.


It has an outstanding history dating back to the 18th Century. It has brought unity in diverse ways to the Indian community. Cricket sport also adds massively to the revenue generation in India.


Indian Premier League (IPL) 


Known to be one of the biggest and most-watched cricket leagues in the world. The IPL attracts top international players and showcases some thrilling cricketing action during its season. 


It is the main source of revenue-generating sports leagues in India. It is a domestic Twenty20 cricket competition that features various city-based franchises. 


The Gujarat Titan


First making their debut season in Indian Premier League in 2022 and also going ahead to win it, this team took many by surprise. 


Founded October 25, 2021; Gujarat Titans is a professional Franchise cricket team. This club is located in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 


The Narendra Modi stadium, Motera is their home ground with 132,000 in capacity. It was one of the two franchises put up for auction in 2021. 


Though companies were contending for the franchise, CVC Capital Partners won the rights with a bid of ₹5,625 crores (US$700 million). 


Gujarat Titans were recorded to be the tenth most valuable IPL team in 2022 with an estimated value of $850 million. A better performance in 2023 means there is a chance for them to continue rising on the ladder and ranking even better. 


CVC Capital Partners


Founded in 1981 and has grown to become one of the world's leading private equity firms. It is a global private equity and investment advisory firm. Donald Mackenzie, Jiri Zrust, Rolly van Rappard and Steve Koltes are the co-founders of this company. 


The French private equity and investment firm has its headquarters in St Helier, Jersey in Luxembourg. Managing over $150 billion in assets. This company has stakes in multiple other sports. 


The funds managed or advised by CVC are invested in over 100 companies worldwide with employee numbering to more than 460,000.


Its services include investment banking and brokerage and diversified financial services. CVC has dropped to 15th place in the 2023 ranking of Private Equity International (PEI) after ranking fourth the preceding year.


There you have it. Many names have been acclaimed to the ownership of Gujarat Titans but CVC Capital Partners stand to be the true undisputed owners at least for now and Gujarat Titans have also proven to be worth the investment.



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