Effective Ways To Gain More WhatsApp Contacts In 2023


By Nerly Shammah Jun 17, 2023


WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide, unlike regular social media platforms, WhatsApp is a private ecosystem where social discovery isn't really a thing so all relationships have to be built through personal contact with people. In this article, we outline various ways to acquire numerous WhatsApp contacts easily. 


Ways To Gain More WhatsApp Contacts In 2023


It's 2023 and you want to start a WhatsApp business or maybe simply bring customers to a more private space to communicate value to but don't know how, here are effective ways to gain more WhatsApp contacts in 2023 even without having a business to start with! 


Gain More WhatsApp Contacts Doing The Following:


● Social Engagements

● Ask Your Friends For Promos

● Run Online Ads


That simple? Yes, everything that has to do with getting more WhatsApp contacts lies within these 3 methods, and we explain them below:


Social Engagements


Engagements are valuable, if you're great at convincing(manipulating) people you can use this to your advantage when it comes to getting WhatsApp contacts. Simply show up every day in active spaces like trending tweets on Twitter, Facebook posts, and WhatsApp group chats, and engage intensively with the people there, the more positive energy you send across while at it, the more people will love you, with this, you could start complimenting people and their crafts, maybe their content, tell them how much you would like to take the conversation forward, nearly 99.9% of the time this will get you more contacts, people love being appreciated or praised for what they do and they also love being given an opportunity to talk about themselves more, in as much as some may be introverted, studies show that even introverts love talking about themselves, they just have to be comfortable around you first. 


Ask Your Friends For Promos


You can ask your current friends in your contact to post your contact on their status asking theirs to add you up. Not everybody will pull through, but you're bound to get an influx of new WhatsApp contacts, especially if your friends already have large or medium size contact lists. 


If you happen to have something already doing that may be appealing to their contacts, this could make it easier to get contacts and people will naturally want to be close to people that will add value to their own lives - so the point is, thrive to add value. 


Run Online Ads


Running online ads is one effective way to gain high volumes of WhatsApp contacts, you simply need to have a plan drawn out for what you can offer to the public and set your ad targets accordingly. These ads could be simple pop-up ads on third-party websites, your own website if you have one, push-to-action buttons, click-to-chat buttons, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, and link ads from numerous websites. So long as the resources are there, running ads will really get you the best results in terms of volumes.


Other ways to lead people to add you on WhatsApp is to leave your contacts lying around places like your public pages on Facebook, public forums, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, the list goes on. With consistent content flowing through these channels and having your contact easily accessible, you're bound to attain more WhatsApp contacts over time. 



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