How To Earn Crypto With Coin Hunt World Play-To-Earn (P2E) Game


By Damian David Mar 19, 2023


Coin Hunt World Play-To-Earn (P2E) Game


What Is Coin Hunt World?


Coin Hunt World is a geolocalized play-to-earn (P2E) mobile game where you explore your in-game real-world influenced neighborhood or city to gather keys, unlock vaults, and answer trivia questions that will all incentivize you with cryptocurrencies.


Coin Hunt World reportedly has over 150,000 players and has a very rich rewarding in-game economy as most players have reportedly been making more than $100 a week from it. There are in-game assets that on discovery are worth $100 in cryptocurrency.


Who Created Coin Hunt World?


Coin Hunt World Mobile Game was launched in February 2020 by Bill Shihara, co-founder of Bittrex, and Jeroen Van den Bosch, a renowned game developer.


Bill Shihara, out of apparent boredom, started developing the game with Jeroen Van den Bosch during the coronavirus global pandemic as he stated he has always had the idea but was reluctant to work on it.


What Are Geolocalized Or Geolocation Games?


Geolocalized games are games that function via only the player's location based data. The gameplay and in-game environment of Geolocalized games are influenced and subsequently evolve in respect to a player's location obtained from the player's device GPS.


How Does Coin Hunt World Work?


Coin Hunt World gameplay has been compared to Pokémon Go type of gameplay experience as it makes use of players GPS to personalize and optimize his or her gaming experience, so your mobile location must be accessed by the game for it to function.


Coin Hunt World gameplay is centered around exploring your real world neighborhood or city in the game with your "Avatar Cubie" which is basically an Avatar version of you that you'll use to walk around and discover what is tagged as "keys".


Keys in the Coin Hunt World game are basically access keys to various in-game levels, rewards and privileges.


For example the keys can be used to unlock games like Trivia Questions of which if you win will in turn earn you cryptocurrency. It can also be used to unlock vaults that hold monetized assets in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum or other in-game assets like Cubie, Blueprints and Resources.


Coin Hunt World also allows you to invite, connect and play with your friends in your city, it is like a beta Metaverse environment and it also provides resources that'll let you build your own In-game city to earn rewards in cryptocurrency.


You can also earn crypto in the Coin Hunt World through its referral program. After downloading the game on your mobile device, and after successfully signing up you can use a referral link to invite your friends and earn about $2 on each successfully registered referral.


How Do You Claim Or Withdraw Your Crypto On Coin Hunt World?


You'll need to register an account with to export or withdraw your earned crypto assets from Coin Hunt World Mobile Game.


Uphold Wallet is the official wallet partner of the Coin Hunt World Mobile Game and it is the only way to get your crypto assets out of the game.


To register an account with Uphold head on to the website and sign up by providing the details requested and then subsequently verifying it.


Is Coin Hunt World Safe?


Yes. Coin Hunt World is safe and legit and poses no threat to you as a player or your assets which are practically mostly in-game assets so you technically have nothing to lose as you're in a win-win situation here.


How Many Times Can You Play Coin Hunt World?


You're infinitely able to keep playing and earning as long as you're in the few selected countries that the Coin Hunt World Mobile Game is available in, then you can play as much as you want as there are certainly no game time restrictions of any sorts whatsoever. 


Who Can Play Coin Hunt World?


Unfortunately, Coin Hunt World Mobile Game is limited to countries like The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, El Salvador, Philippines and Malaysia.


Players outside of these countries can still play Coin Hunt World but your experience is limited as it allows you to play only the Trivia Questions Gameplay part of the game.


This experience is even more frustrating because if you get a question wrong you'll have to wait for about 24 hours to get another chance at the Trivia Questions Gameplay.


Plans are being made to make the Coin Hunt World available in more geographical zones, however you might expedite the process by filling in and submitting a community poll at


Where Can I Download The Coin Hunt World Mobile Game?


If you're in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, El Salvador, Philippines and Malaysia, the Coin Hunt World Play-To-Earn Mobile Game is readily available for download and install in the Android Play Store and the iOS App Store respectively.


Can You Get Rich By Playing Coin Hunt World?


No. You can't practically get rich by playing Coin Hunt World. It sure provides a very rich rewarding gameplay experience as you can earn up to $100 with the right time and game tactics invested, but Coin Hunt World was made chiefly to provide entertainment and the crypto rewards are just an incentivizing motivation. 



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