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Introduction To EtherScan and How To Use It - An Introductory Guide 


By Damian David Nov 25, 2022





What Is Etherscan?


EtherScan is an interoperable and Flexible explorer and compatible search engine for the Ethereum blockchain network. EtherScan is a parent company to the BscScan as the same developers of the EtherScan explorer are responsible for the BscScan explorer.


EtherScan helps users browse through the whole infrastructure of the Ethereum network using its enabling dashboards and database maximized to provide accurate information about assets, wallet balances, prices, transactional history, and a lot more. 


At Glance


● EtherScan is a blockchain explorer and search engine with a transparent database of the Ethereum blockchain.


● EtherScan infrastructure is the main infrastructural influence of the BscScan as they possess many similar functions. 


● EtherScan can be used to monitor current gas fees, wallet transactions, and balances, transactional history, the current status of any blockchain transaction, etc. 


● EtherScan is home to more than five hundred thousand pages of transactional history.


● EtherScan allows its API to be used by anyone and provides free information and tutorials on how to create your own blockchain explorer.



Understanding EtherScan


Etherscan can be used by anyone even without logging in or creating an account with their platform. It is completely free but nonetheless, some exclusive features are attached to the users who have an account with the platform. 


The EtherScan platform prides itself as the "Google" of the Ethereum blockchain network giving you unrestrained, unrestricted, and unregulated access to the most transparent data concerning the Ethereum blockchain network and its related dApps


The EtherScan platform has a comprehensive list of every EVM-based token and aggregates them according to price, performance, and value. It also has the best resources and tools for either a user or a developer, it is open and safe for investors as well, offering a wide range of blockchain services for any niche in the cryptocurrency market


The search engine of the EtherScan explorer allows inputs like contract addresses, TXN hashes, blocks, Token, etc, and uses this singular data to collect information about a particular transaction across all blocks in the Ethereum ecosystem and presents them to you in a most comprehensive way in a user-friendly dashboard. 


How to Use the EtherScan Blockchain Explorer 


The EtherScan Explorer allows for a very easy and simple user experience. Only a few steps or processes are required to gather information with respect to a transaction carried out in the Ethereum blockchain network. 


Assuming you sent a specific amount of Ether to your friend and it was successful, your wallet will subsequently provide or display a transaction hash or ID. 




To view a comprehensive analysis of that completed transaction, copy the transaction hash or ID and go over to the EtherScan platform, paste it on the search input and click on the search icon.


A comprehensive dashboard of everything you need to know about that transaction will be displayed in this format ;


Transaction Hash :

This is a combination of letters and digits or numbers that were auto-generated via the completion of your transaction in the Ethereum blockchain. 


Status :

This is a confirmatory message or text telling you if the transaction completed on your end was successful or wasn't successful or is currently in progress. 


Block :

This tells you what block in the Ethereum blockchain your transaction is being grouped into. 


Timestamp :

The Timestamp basically tells you the exact time the block used to confirm your transaction was created and added to the Ethereum blockchain network. 


From :

This tells you the wallet address you used to transfer the Ether out, basically the wallet address that was initially used to carry out the transaction. 


To :

This tells you who was on the receiving end of your transfer or transaction, basically the wallet address that collects the transfer or transaction. 


Value :

The value of the transaction is the number of tokens or the total amount of tokens that was transferred or sent out in the transaction carried out.




Transaction Fee :

The transaction fee tells you the total amount you paid or the total amount that was used as a service fee to miners to carry out that transaction.


Gas Price :

The gas price tells you the total cost per unit of gas that was used to carry out that transaction. Or the cost per unit of work done in making that transfer.


TXN Type :

This tells you whether a transaction was carried out under the decentralized umbrella of the old legacy gas system or the new EIP-1559 block fee system.


This is the breakdown of all the data you should expect to see when querying a transaction from the blockchain via EtherScan.


Is EtherScan Owned by Ethereum?


Ethereum is a parent infrastructure of the EtherScan, the EtherScan is integrated and incorporated into the Ethereum infrastructure as it functions primarily with the information provided via activities on the Ethereum blockchain network. 


What Is EtherScan Used For?


EtherScan is primarily used to explore the Ethereum blockchain network, and locate transactions according to time, amount, block, value, etc. EtherScan helps you stay ahead of the market in terms of analytics and crucial price changes.



Who Owns EtherScan?


Matthew Tan is the CEO and founder of Etherscan.


Why Choose EtherScan?


The EtherScan covers a wide variety of blockchain-exploring functionalities and enhances your performance and knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain network. It is progressive in its tools and utilities and offers various services that include a community that facilitates resourceful and profitable developments in the Ethereum blockchain network and beyond.



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