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What is – An Introductory Guide To The DeFi Aggregator And Wallet Portfolio Tracker


By Damian David Mar 14, 2023



Zapper Finance popularly known as is an Ethereum-based decentralized web application and interface that acts as a dashboard enabling easy access to decentralized finance across multiple chains and also aids in keeping track of your deFi portfolio and positions across multiple wallets.


Seb Audet, Nodar Janashia and Suhail Gangji launched in may 2020 from the merge of two projects "DeFiZap" and "DeFiSnap" the former winning the Kyber DeFi Virtual hackathon in 2019. Seb Audet is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of


At Glance


● is a web 3.0 explorer that can be used to keep up with real time data about crypto, NFTs and DAOs personalities and their wallets.


● aims at making the complexities of the blockchain technology simple and easy to comprehend by anyone.


● is a wallet tracker and deFi asset portfolio aggregator. It provides real time data about your deFi assets in one simple interface.


● allows for cross-chain interoperability. It enables seamless bridging between blockchain mainnets and swaps between tokens in just a few clicks.


● enables access and first hand positions to opportunities in the DeFi ecosystem that'll provide profitable experiences.


● can be used to rebalance your assets by moving it between multi-chains and platforms.


● also provides you with a detailed portfolio of your liabilities in the DeFi ecosystem and enables you to manage them to desired specifications.


● is famous for the "Zap In" "Zap Out" or "Zapping In" "Zapping Out" technology that connotes its easy and Swift blockchain enabling interface.


● can be used to bundle multiple wallets together and synchronously keep track of them all in one single interface.



How Does Works? is a web application or web product or platform with an interface serving as a dashboard containing comprehensive details about your deFi assets and that of other crypto personalities and projects. It is not decentralized but it is non-custodial and permissionless.


The dashboard is divided into four segments namely; Trending NFT collections, Popular Accounts, Discover DAOs and Discover DeFi. Alternatively, if you know exactly what you're looking for in the DeFi ecosystem then you can utilize the search bar at the top of the Dashboard to discover or explore accounts, tokens, NFTs and DAOs.


The Trending NFT Collections section is provided  to help you explore the most valuable NFTs in the market according to their trading volume. Clicking on an NFT collection on this section will redirect you to another dashboard with a list of all the collections available for that specific NFT project.


Alongside these collections are also metadata about them like their price, owners, active days, description, marketplace to buy it from etc. NFT collection interface is really a super convenient way of getting the best of the NFT market across multiple chains with a few simple clicks.


The Popular Accounts section is provided to help you follow-up your favorite crypto personalities and enable you track their wallets and NFTs across multiple chains. Clicking on an account from this section will redirect you to another dashboard.


This dashboard will present a list of all their assets across multiple chains alongside their debts, DAO memberships, App holdings and total net worth. If your wallet is connected, you can follow them and even send them a token directly from that interface.


The Discover DAOs Section is provided to help you explore the best deFi, Gaming, NFTs, Social, Service and Investment autonomous organizations ranked according to their volume In Networth and participation.


Clicking on one of these DAOs will redirect you to another dashboard that'll provide an overview of their Net Worth, members, and assets across multiple chains. You don't have to visit multiple sites to look for the best DAOs to join, with few clicks in the you can explore the whole market in just one interface.




The Discover Defi Section is provided to help you explore the best of decentralized exchanges on the Ethereum mainnet in one single interface. Alternatively you can switch between 10 other blockchains including BSC, Avalanche , Optimism, Arbitrium, Polygon etc to explore decentralized exchanges compatible with them.


Clicking on one of these DEX will redirect you to another dashboard that'll provide metadata about said DEX such as the Total Insured Value (TIV), Number of networks it supports, a comprehensive list of all the liquidity pools created and functional on it.


Is Safe? is non-custodial and permissionless, it has no form of unauthorized access to your deFi assets and there is also no middleman between you and the platform. is safe as it is not in charge of gatekeeping or storing your deFi assets, it simply serves as a tracking dashboard and aggregator to enable you manage said assets maximally between different protocols.


Why Choose brings the perks of decentralized finance to everyone regardless of their knowledge or expertise, all the complexities of the deFi ecosystem is laid bare using very easy to use tools on the web application.


If you're new to the crypto world, is one of the platforms that'll enable you to explore the perks of decentralized finance with ease all in one single interface and dashboard. 


If you're an experienced crypto user then what better way to maximize your deFi assets while synchronously having first hand access to opportunities from your favorite deFi projects and personalities.



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