What Is Coingecko and What Is It Used For? 


By Damian David Dec 08, 2022




Coingecko is a unique platform that serves as a functioning data hub for cryptocurrencies, decentralized exchanges, and digital assets. 


Coingecko is unique because of its focus on making the perks of the cryptocurrency space democratic in the sense that everyone gets equal chances and access to the best of the cryptocurrency space. 


Coingecko was developed in April 2014 by two eccentric blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiasts called TM Lee who is the active CEO and Bobby Ong who is the active COO.


At Glance


● Coingecko is an easily accessible and easily explorable cryptocurrency data hub with the best interest of its users at the heart.


● Coingecko is in possession of over eight years of cryptocurrency historical data and events.


● Coingecko is famous for being the largest "independent" cryptocurrency data hub and prides itself in being a strong competitor with CoinMarketCap.


● Coingecko has over ten million average monthly users with a cumulative two hundred million monthly page views.


● There's something that is prominent in most major platforms: exaggerated and overstretched data. Coingecko is focused on real-time, precise, and reliable data.



Understanding the Coingecko platform


So what is Coingecko, really?

Coingeckco is essentially a watchtower in the cryptocurrency space, it keeps you updated, informed, educated, and motivated about your coins of interest and tons of other potential coins. It is more than just a data hub for cryptocurrency, it goes beyond to provide adequate opportunity and support for its users as its features are very friendly and as well as effective. 


Coingecko can be used to look up any information needed about any cryptocurrency in the world, it is an efficient aggregator for historical and present data in the cryptocurrency space. 


Looking up your coin of interest in Coingecko will provide interesting and unique details about the coin like;


● The developers 

● The Tokenomics 

● A concise introduction about the coin and its developer 

● A section that allows you to vote on how you feel about the coin (if you're feeling Good or Bad), etc.


So, when I said Coingecko is very user oriented and friendly, I wasn't kidding, it's logo in itself will make you think it is some kind of section for kids in the cryptocurrency space — don't be deceived regardless, remember it is the world's leading independent data hub for the cryptocurrency space. 


Aside from the aforementioned unique details, it provides about the coin, other data about the coin it provides are ;


● Rank

● Current price

● How many people watchlist it is on

● Market Cap

● 24-Hour Trading Vol 

● Fully Diluted Valuation 

● Circulating Supply 

● Total Supply 

● Max Supply 

● Website, etc 


Coingecko allows for experiments in its platform, gives its users a sense of involvement and ownership, it is fast and easy to use and can be leveraged by developers using its API feature. 


What makes up the Coingecko platform? - Technical Overview


Coingecko platform structural build-up is a self-sustainable and sufficient architecture. It owns its own terminal. Below is a list of the technical structure of the Coingecko platform 


● Cryptocurrencies

● Exchanges 

● NFT 

● Learn Crypto

● Products 

● Portfolio 

● Explore 

● Gecko Terminal 



This is part of the technical structure that is responsible for providing a complete guide to all the Cryptocurrencies in the world according to competitive factors and categories 



This is part of the technical structure that provides a complete and comprehensive guide to the major Exchanges, DEXs, and Derivatives in the cryptocurrency space.


Here you will be able to find the best exchange network for your trading experience. It can also be used to look up information of interest in regard to the Exchange network or DEX.



Get the most important data and information about the hottest NFTs in the market with their associated coins and tokens. 


Learn Crypto:

This part of the technical structure elucidates the complexities of the cryptocurrency space. The Cryptocurrency market is often known to be a confusing and bogus environment for the average person, this technical feature of the Coingecko makes your learning process a walk in the park, there's a reason its logo is designed like a Disney-incorporated platform.



This part of the technical structure controls the economic parameters of the Coingecko, nonetheless, it is not majorly for economic growth, the products provided are maximized for its users' most profitable and worthwhile cryptocurrency experience.



I stated earlier that "Coingecko allows for experiments in its platform, it gives its users a sense of involvement and ownership" 

The portfolio technical functionality allows its users to create and build a record of their cryptocurrency trades, experience, and performance.



Due to its rich ecosystem, resources, tools, and utilities, Coingecko provides functionality that allows its users to browse through unique and carefully curated cryptocurrency data and trends. You can explore different subcategories of cryptocurrencies that include metaverse coins, gaming coins, meme coins, etc.


Gecko Terminal:

A Terminal in the cryptocurrency space is where the Apex of cryptocurrency trading strategy and methods are experimented with and carried out. Cryptocurrency Terminals are interoperable with major decentralized exchanges across the cryptocurrency market for faster and easier transactional activities and validations. And guess what? Coingecko has its own personal Terminal called the "Gecko Terminal".


So much for a platform with a Disney-themed logo. 


Why should you choose Coingecko?


Need more reasons as to why you should explore the cryptocurrency planet with Coingecko?

Coingecko Is a dual effort from two people TM Lee (CEO) and Bobby Ong (COO). Very intelligent and future-oriented individuals who are also very active socially. They're independent, a subtle reflection and alignment with the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency. Coingecko is a unique platform and it offers unique experiences.




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