Money Earning Apps: What They Are and the 13 Best Money Earning Apps


By Felix Osezua Sep 05, 2023


The way in which people make money in today's world has been made easier due to the internet's influence. With the advent of technology, it's now simpler to make money from your mobile phone in the comfort of your home.


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What are money-making apps?


Money-making apps are mobile applications designed to facilitate income-boosting activities directly from your smartphone. These apps provide various means to earn money, including online surveys, gaming, video streaming, receipt scanning, or investing and online shopping transactions.


The convenient function of these apps stands out as their primary selling point. Mundane activities, like being stuck in a traffic jam or waiting for a meeting, can lead to financial rewards.


Now, let's shift our attention to thirteen profitable mobile apps that can make you money.


1. Swagbucks


Through Swagbucks, you can accumulate money by performing simple online tasks such as shopping online, watching videos, browsing, and filling out surveys. For each task completion, you earn SB points, which can later be converted into cash or gift card rewards. Since its advent, Swagbucks has doled out an impressive amount of $590 million to its users, according to a report.


If interested, you can begin accumulating money through the Swagbucks application by signing up directly on the app.


2. SlideJoy


This app pays users to have ads appear on their smartphone lock screens. The payouts are not huge, but for something so simple and passive, it's an easy win-win scenario. 


With SlideJoy, you don't need to do anything more than just swiping, or unlocking your phone to earn carats, which you can redeem for cash rewards or gift cards. 


For those who love to read trending news or ads, SlideJoy would be a great way to earn cool cash on your hobby. If that's you, slide into the SlideJoy app today and start earning cool cash.


3. Ibotta


If you’re a regular grocery shopper, Ibotta offers cashback on a variety of products at tons of stores. All one has to do is scan their receipt after shopping, and the money is credited back.


Ibotta will give you cash back every time you shop using the app. For every $30 spent via the Ibotta app, you might get up to $10 in return. How lovely! This method allows you to profit handsomely during your shopping trips. Give Ibotta a nod to see how it works for yourself.


4. Uber


Uber creates economic opportunities through its platform for individuals to monetize their vehicles. As an Uber driver, you make money any time a passenger requests a ride through the Uber app. The Uber app connects drivers with passengers who request a ride, and you get paid for each trip you complete. Additionally, you can also do delivery services on the Uber app and get paid for each successful delivery you complete.


Uber app is a global earning app that works almost all over the world. Those who have a private car can take advantage of Uber and make money by helping passengers using the Uber app reach their destinations or doing meal delivery. 


If you have a spare car that's not in use frequently, why not sign up for Uber and make money in your spare time?


5. Shutterstock


If you're a photographer or content creator, Shutterstock allows you to sell your photos and earn royalties whenever your images are downloaded. A lot of people use their phones for snapping random pictures anywhere they go, so why not cash in on your passion by selling those random but nice shots on Shutterstock? 


There are not many requirements or qualifications for using the Shutterstock app. All you need is your phone that has a good camera and a little bit of editing skills. You are all set to make money with the Shutterstock app.


6. Upwork


This platform is tailor-made for freelancers possessing specific skills like writing, graphic design, or social media management, connecting them with clients requiring work.


Having established itself over time, Upwork has become the premier resource for professionals seeking well-paying opportunities in specialized fields. If you think you have what it takes to hone your skill on the Upwork marketplace, check out the app and sign up ASAP!


7. TaskRabbit


Here, users can get paid for doing odd jobs and errands in their local community. Whether you are good at cleaning, running errands, moving things or whatever else you are good at, you’ll likely find someone on TaskRabbit who needs your service and can hire you.


TaskRabbit connects users with local contractors, finds a job near you, and links them up with the client in real life where you can do the tasks. If you’re looking for a casual job for quick cash, the TaskRabbit app serves your need for landing your first job and making cool cash.


8. Etsy


Etsy principally accommodates artists and creative people who wish to sell their handmade products, vintage items, or crafts. Selling on Etsy enables artistic individuals to reach global markets.


Etsy is an online global marketplace, where you can make and sell your handmade unique products. It's a community that connects people with small businesses and their unique products with those who may be interested in buying those unique items. 


If you are an artist or someone with unique crafts, the Etsy app will be the best place for you to make money on your craftsmanship.


9. Foap


Foap allows photographers to make money by selling their photos. Once you upload your images, other users rate them. High-rated images get visibility, increasing their chances of selling successfully. High-quality photographs are bought by brands and agencies worldwide.


Think you have what it takes to make money on the Foap app? hop in on the Foap app today.


10. Cash App


Cash App facilitates sending and receiving money. Additionally, Cash App enables users to invest in stocks and comes with an optional free debit card that earns users 'cash back' on purchases.


With Cash App, Users can make money via activities like selling goods, or digital products. Earning for referrals you bring to the platform, cash boost, subscription fees, investing, taking surveys, etc.


Although the Cash App is primarily an app for transferring and receiving money, it has quickly become a popular money-making app and a go-to platform for many who are looking to make quick cash online.


Download the Cash App today, and be on your way to making your first money online today.


11. Decluttr


On Decluttr, you can sell your unwanted items like CDs, DVDs, games, phones, and tech. Listing your items is free; once they are sold, all you need to do is ship them with the prepaid shipping label.


Decluttr can be a good opportunity to clear your home of those used gadgets and cash in on them. Just give Decluttr a try today.


12. UserTesting


Participate in usability tests for apps, websites, and digital products and earn money in the process. UserTesting pays users for their feedback for testing companies' products to help them improve their digital experiences.


This is one good way to make money online in your spare time since it doesn't require investing a dime.


13. Google Opinion Rewards


By answering quick surveys, users can earn Google Play or PayPal credits. 


Google Opinion Rewards is a popular online survey platform that has been around for some time now, and they have been consistent in helping users make money online by filling out quick surveys for cash and gift card rewards.


I will recommend you try Google Opinion Rewards if you want to earn easy cash for sharing your opinions.


When considering the right apps, thinking about lifestyle and availability is imperative. Remember, these apps won't replace a full-time job, but they can generate additional income.


With these apps, you can expand your financial horizons by accessing the digital economy.


Remember, making meaningful income from these apps requires consistency and quality. So, keep improving your skills, offer quality services, and stay committed.



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