AI-powered solutions are coming to the Nigerian energy sector, what does this mean for the electricity value chain? 


By Nerly Shammah Jul 28, 2023


As the nation battles with leakages in its electricity value chain, Artificial Intelligence comes to the rescue with inq. Group offering state-of-the-art consumption analytics amongst other solutions. 


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As per reports on technext, inq. Group, a global leading-edge solutions provider established in 2013 and headquartered in Mauritius is bringing AI-powered solutions to the energy sector in Nigeria. 


With a strong presence in 16 African cities, including Johannesburg, Gaborone, Lusaka, Ndola, Blantyre, Lilongwe, Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kanu, Abidjan, and Yaoundé, inq. Group reportedly offers innovative artificial intelligence and software solutions to address security and digitization challenges for businesses globally.


The company has recently revealed its vision to empower Africa's technology sector during a media roundtable on Tuesday, July 25, in Lagos according to technext. 


inq. Group plans to drive innovation and shape the future of edge solutions and AI on the continent. Group Chairman Andile Ngcaba and Group CEO Glad Dibetso spoke at the event on diverse topics as they iron out the steps they are taking to transform the continent’s technology landscape.


The event was themed “Leading with Edge: The Future Of Edge Solutions in Nigeria,” and saw Glad Dibetso, the CEO speaking on revolutionizing the technology landscape of Africa with great focus and emphasis on the importance of connectivity as the gateway to transforming education saying:




We firmly believe that inq. is poised to revolutionize the education landscape across the continent. 



inq. Group AI-powered Solutions Impact On Nigeria's Electricity Value Chain


With global partners including AWS, Google Cloud, Open Stack, Microsoft and many more, inq. Group is a global leading-edge solutions provider, that prides itself in providing innovative, business-relevant services in Edge AI and IoT, Fabric, SDN/NFV for Edge Cloud, Secure Access Services Edge and Elastic Edge. 


Andile Ngcaba, the Executive Chairman spoke on inq. Group’s mission to play a pivotal role in fueling the growth of AI in Africa, particularly in Nigeria’s energy sector. 




Our vision is to introduce artificial intelligence to Nigeria, empowering the country to actively participate in the global AI landscape. In pursuit of this objective, we aim to establish Nigeria as a center of excellence for developing customized AI solutions in the energy sector.




With a focus on establishing within the nation, state-of-the-art AI solutions tailored specifically for the energy industry, Nigeria’s energy generation and distribution companies are positioned to be empowered to easily identify and address leakages throughout the electricity value chain as inq. Group solutions deliver real-time electricity consumption analytics for designated locations. 


Andile Ngcaba has expressed optimism over Nigeria's potential to profoundly impact the African continent citing that Nigeria is a driving force of growth within the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and across the entire continent. 


Andile Ngcaba added:




The future growth of the African continent largely hinges on the dynamism of this country. 







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