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POSH - Proof Of Sharing, Earn Money Simply Sharing Links


By Nerly Shammah Dec 11, 2022


POSH Token - Proof Of Sharing



There are diverse ways to invest one's time to earn cryptocurrencies, blogging is one of the leading ways to earn free cryptocurrencies, also, playing blockchain games comes next and there are several games that one can play without the need to invest to win. 


POSH is yet another way to invest one's time to earn cryptocurrency, frankly, if you have a healthy social media audience then POSH is definitely for you as though you will effortlessly outrun your competition. 


What Is POSH Token? 


POSH is a gamified crypto asset that is being awarded to individuals that perform simple tasks like sharing links on social media. The full meaning of POSH is Proof of Sharing, this is a new model for incentivizing users to promote Web3 content on Web2 networks. 


The idea of POSH is built around creating an awareness of the potential of immutable and uncensored social platforms where users own their content and can monetize it however they see fit. The POSH token is based on a side chain on the Hive blockchain, functioning as a layer 2 tokenized asset, POSH is able to enjoy the flexibility in building automated services and ensuring that users are paid for their efforts. 


How Does POSH Work? 


The POSH concept is relatively simple, it involves creating an account on hive blog, a decentralized web 3 infrastructure, and social media where users can earn for creating and publishing quality content of any niche. 


POSH aims to promote the usage of the hive blockchain by incentivizing the act of sharing interesting articles from the Hive ecosystem to the Web2 ecosystem, currently supporting Twitter. Typically, when a user finds interesting and quality content, he or she may decide to share this post with others, currently, maybe simply reblog(share on personal Hive timeline) for his or her followers to see. This will not earn him or her POSH or anything else, but it will expose the post to others. 


If he or she decides, OK, let me share this with my Twitter followers, then, that will earn POSH. The gamified proof of sharing asset is autonomously paid to users that share "HIVE LINKS" to Twitter, and it doesn't matter what niche the content is, the more engagement you have on Twitter, the better earnings you grab. 




And the best part? 


Users Earn Hive as well for Sharing! 


When a user shares a link from Hive onto Twitter, autonomously, they earn POSH relative to the tweet's engagement, but also, the users stand a chance to earn Hive tokens, the native asset of the Hive blockchain. 




Typically, the project leads have recently added to the list of their priorities to survey all links shared and upvote them. The upvotes rewards are given to the accounts that shared these links and are paid in liquid Hive. But what will they upvote if you never make a post but just share links? That's the thing, they are not upvoting your posts, see the next section. 

How To Start Earning POSH


To earn POSH, you typically need a Hive account and a Twitter account, if you already have a Twitter account, check out this comprehensive guide on how to sign up for hive using your Twitter account, it's relatively simple. 


Once you've done that, head on to and link your Twitter account to your Hive account on posh, once that is done, to earn POSH and potentially Hive, share good Hive contents links to Twitter with the hashtag #HIVE, note, that is very important as it is what the bot crawls to reward you. If your links do not have #HIVE, the bot will not find them. Also, it is important to sign up on in order to earn. 


Now, each time you share a Hive link with the hashtag #Hive, the posh bot will immediately grab your Twitter link and share it back to Hive blog under the post you just shared. As a result, the project leads will go around upvoting these comments made by the posh bot, and each time the rewards payout, it is distributed to those that shared the links. 


So you really do not need to be a content creator on Hive blog to earn, it is just that simple. POSH tokens can be sold for hive on Hive engine or tribaldex, the layer 2 blockchain to hive with a decentralized exchange where all Hive engine-based tokens are available for trade. 


Do you want to really know the craziest part? There are no limits, you can share as many posts as you want! 



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