Is Marketing A Good Career Path?


By Nerly Shammah Oct 03, 2023


Marketing is a large ecosystem with an enormous list of career opportunities. 


Marketing Careers


As explained in our comprehensive guide to marketing, all promotional initiatives employed by businesses to expand their user or consumer base are referred to as marketing. These initiatives businesses undertake to attain growth require various specialized skills in business, finance and even psychology.


At Glance


● Marketing holds valuable career opportunities in business and finance. 


● A career in marketing is not limited to promotions roles or sales management. 


● Marketing is an intrinsic structure in business establishment and development. 


● Marketing jobs pay an average of $45,000 to $100,000 per annum. 



Marketing is the art and science of product, service or idea promotions and has been a fundamental pillar for various businesses through centuries. As businesses continue to evolve via technological advancements, digitalization, globalization, and change in consumer behaviours, marketing has become an integral part of business development every step of the way. 


Question: Is Marketing A Good Career Path? 


Marketing is a good career path as it unlocks various value opportunities for individuals and businesses. To name a few, marketing gives room for creativity, global reach, financial rewards, entrepreneurial opportunities and diversity in career options within the ecosystem. 


The Essence Of Marketing


While many businesses may claim not to be involved in any marketing initiatives, the truth is that "all" businesses engage in one campaign or the other, sometimes indirectly. 


To put it in simple terms, all businesses take up marketing initiatives but not all businesses do it properly or well enough to create significant business impacts. While the majority view marketing as "running huge campaigns" and all that, a simple "Hey you should try this product of ours, it holds enormous benefits" is a form of marketing. 


In order to make sales, one has to market, this could be via traditional marketing channels which as of today still claim tremendous business successes or via digital marketing channels which of realty, is the future ecosystem for business development. 


The essence of marketing is many things but mostly to cause or attain business growth. When a new business or company enters the market, they scout for consumers for their products and services. Depending on what this business has to offer, products, or services, the major focus in its marketing operations will be accordingly. 


For example, if the said company is a manufacturing company, then its scouting movements are going to be mostly targeted at other businesses more than individuals. If for another instance the said business simply offers a channel of communication or data management then it's looking at a combination of businesses and users where their service is a channel for users to exchange data and they effectively become a money-generating product. 


This isn't a categorization of individuals as physical or traditional products, but the commodification of personal data and services which makes individuals a product for select businesses. 


The two common scenarios for this are the data brokerage industry where several businesses monetize user data acquired from various channels and the Gig economy where individuals offer their expertise or services via "freelance" communications platforms like Upwook and Fiverr. In such scenarios, where there are generally no physical company-side products or services, the individuals become the product making the business money. 


The success of all these businesses requires marketing. Getting the idea out to the public is an important phase in these business developments. That said, the development process of marketing strategies and materials takes a number of specialists in various fields of business, finance, design, content and psychology. 


It is important to note that in most cases, marketing companies or businesses scout for individuals with multiple skill sets, for example, a sales manager job opportunities may be looking for a person with great human interaction skills and events leverage intelligence(effectively a psychologist or one with great exposure to the art thereof) coupled with a marketing certification which generally involves theoretical and practical proof of expertise in the industry. 


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Careers In Marketing


Careers In marketing exposes the extensivity of marketing as a field. With marketing comes various career opportunities spanning across various specializations. The following is a list of a few career opportunities in marketing:


1. Graphic designer


Graphic designers are highly demanded specialists in the marketing industries and their job is to design marketing materials. While some people may believe that you have to become a highly experienced marketer to get a job within the field of marketing, this first career example shows that isn't the case. 


There are various other in-demand specializations needed within the ecosystem and sometimes having a collection of expertise in more than one can be highly beneficial. 


Graphics designers in marketing spaces earn roughly $40,000 to $80,000 depending on the company and the designer's expertise in communicating product, service, brand or business values via visual content and marketing materials. 


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2. Market Analyst


In marketing, one of the very first forms of development involves a comprehensive study of a given market or audience. The role of a market analyst is just as stated, to study and create comprehensive coverage or analysis of the market. 


A market analyst has to analyze, understand and leverage changes in consumer behaviors which is effectively applied psychology in marketing, a rather needed certification as a marketer. 


3. Public Relations Specialists


As the name implies, public relations specialists are roles concerned with the maintenance of a "good business image" of any company. They are tasked with creating and maintaining press releases, media relations, handling crises, and public business communications, and effectively creating good public relationships. 


4. CRM Manager 


CRM managers oversee the development and implementation of strategies to maintain and enhance customer relationships. The structures for sustainability in any business environment involve customer satisfaction and retention. 


A CRM manager understands the effects or impact of developing a loyal consumer base thus leveraging several layers of strategic consumer-business relationships through proven management concepts. 


A CRM manager earns between $60,000 to $100,000 per year and there are currently over 900,000 remote CRM job openings at the time of writing proving the cruciality of customer relations for business development. 


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5. SEO Specialist


In a world where content is king and digital marketing is becoming an integral part of most modern business strategies for growth and scalability, the demand for search engine specialists is on the rise. 


Search engines like Google provide marketers and businesses with opportunities to gain and build loyal business users for absolutely free!


That said, attaining success in such a crowded and open space creates a need for specialists who can develop winning content strategies that enable businesses to scale through content development on search engines. 


The role of an SEO specialist is primarily the optimization of business websites to improve their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). This involves keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and the monitoring of website performance to ensure it ranks well on search engines like Google. The goal is to attract organic traffic, increase online presence and leverage this attained audience for business value building.


Job finder? The excellent news about pursuing a career in marketing as an SEO specialist is that you can do this entirely online without the need for sitting in boring classrooms. Success in SEO requires a lot of deep learning but one can start by learning the technical structures of SEO that turn basics into results. 


The world of marketing unlocks enormous opportunities for energetic individuals to delve into. With over millions of marketing jobs from traditionally operating businesses to digital enterprises, the demand for marketing specialists will consistently be on the rise especially due to the fact that technology is ushering in new world advancements like artificial intelligence and tokenization


What are some high-paying marketing jobs or careers? 


Some white-collar or high-paying jobs or careers in marketing include Digital marketing manager, Chief marketing officer, Sales manager, Marketing manager, Marketing director, Advertising manager, and highly sought-after Event marketing manager(management) and Creative directors. 


Should you pursue a career in marketing? 


Most definitely! Marketing is a social career that brings you closer to people. Underestimating or ignoring a career that offers direct human relationships which is a key to access numerous life or other career opportunities is a huge mistake. 


Notwithstanding, as with anything in life, if you can find a spark of desire to delve into marketing as a career path, then there are numerous resources like the ones promoted in this article to build a fire that lights up your career path. 


Do you need a certificate to be a good marketer? 


No, you do not need a certificate to be good at anything including marketing. However, a certificate is only a means of validation of the training you've undergone and the skills you've acquired thereof so acquiring them boosts your credibility within the industry. 






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