Last Updated Nov. 08, 2023, Effective Date: Nov. 08, 2023


Advertisement Disclosure


Advertisements are one of's primary modes of monetization. With a combination of in-house owned and served ads and third-party served ads, leverages its platform to not only offer timely market information but also opportunities, products and services that it deems suitable for its audiences. 


Ads on are seen as paid for or as deemed by the promotions team. Promotions are intended to not only make us money but to also provide you(our users) with tools, services or information that may be relevant to you. 


We take certain steps to determine what best suits our audience, taking into account some measures of user-friendliness and safety, however, users are advised to perform their thorough research on any promotional materials found on as none are intended as financial advice or legal recommendations of any kind. 


Suv Ads On 


Suv Ads are unique ad types on engineered by our promotions team as a non-invasive and privacy-preserving form of collecting content or service demand data amongst our users. 


Sub Ads in full means "Survey Advertisements". While they do not ask our users any questions, they meet their purpose when users choose to interact with them or not. 


It is important to note that these ads are not personalized in their basic form, only clicks are tracked and they can be in the form of page elements like buttons. Typically, when Suv Ads go live, we use the metrics of how our users interact with them to determine the relevance of the information presented in them. 


These clicks enable us to collect content or product demand data in our community and market without having to ask for users' input. While Suv Ads may lead to several undesired advertising pages(as a result of the smart links behind them - you may see inappropriate content), their purpose is to give us an oversight on what content might be needed amongst our users. 


That said, it is important to note that due to the smart links embedded in these ads, still earns a commission when users interact with these ads. These commissions go to pay for the efforts being put to make various services on a possibility. 


When Suv Ads attract good responses from our users, the content or services that were presented on these ads will at this point be made available to our users. And sometimes, on-demand, Suv Ads can be a test field for advertisers to study the demands of our audience to better place relevant content or pitch relevant products and services.