How many Jobs are available In Technology? 


By Nerly Shammah Jul 23, 2023


According to the Adzuna database, as of July 23, there are about 1,653,860 Technology Jobs in the US with an average salary of $72,994 a year. 


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In an age like now where technology is seeing a significant surge in attention due to the developments of automated systems, distributed ledgers like public blockchains for cryptocurrency and private blockchains for private data management and artificial intelligence, there's equally an exponentially high spike in open positions for diverse tech jobs in companies around the world, mostly targeted at these above-mentioned fields. 


According to reports on CNBC, U.S. companies are on a hiring spree for A.I. jobs—and they pay an average of $146,000, looking through the Adzuna database, it appears that over 120,000 positions are opened for A.I. jobs specifically and this number is expected to keep increasing as various tech giants dive deeper into the developments of large language models (LLM). 


Reports show that artificial intelligence is increasingly leveraged for product and/or service development, marketing and sales, service operations (including customer service and back office), risk modelling and analytics, with 91% of leading organizations already interested and some invested in A.I, tech jobs are expected to go through the roof. 


In recent coverages, companies like Meta are taking big steps in developing crucial structures around artificial intelligence after a notable failure to do so with the Metaverse. 


Unlike the tech giants play with the Metaverse, with Artificial Intelligence Meta is looking to build an open platform with LLaMA 2, a technology used in AI chatbots like ChatGPT. 


Reportedly, this version of its artificial intelligence is trained with 40% more data and Mark believes that making its software open-source will generally improve it as people across the globe tap into leveraging them in their current state to build tools or remodel them for better performance. 


With blockchain and cryptocurrencies also being the talk of the town, jobs in this category are in the numbers of 5,000+ and 3,000+ respectively and pay on average $70,000 a year. 


It is also speculated that more and more job positions across all sectors will require people exposed to the latest technologies like crypto, blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. 


The biggest speculation is that writers will now be required to understand A.I. systems and be able to leverage them for the best results as they go on their daily job routines of writing copies, articles, diverse emails, reports and/or analyses. 


One of the notable hot jobs in town currently is the "head of A.I." open positions and at this time, almost nobody knows what this means or what their function would be. Tech jobs are swinging largely towards software builders and developers and generally people who understand these systems. 


As things like automation in physical products like cars and in blockchain protocols where smart contracts are leveraged for writing protocol rules or algorithms, the industry will be hungry for experts in the field and that is bound to see average pay go off the roof as companies try to lure the best to their league.



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