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Is Technology A Good Career Path?


By Nerly Shammah Jul 23, 2023


Short answer, yes, technology is a good career path with an embodiment of opportunities. But how do you know for sure? This is what we'd attempt to decrypt in this article.


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Some of us don't actually know that "technology" is so closely tied to everything we do in our everyday lives, if we did, we'd already have an answer to this question of  "if technology is a good career path" because it would be quite obvious just looking around ourselves. 


As we know it, business is moved by demand, this depends is what leads to "value flow" and by value flow, we mean the creation and distribution of money. Funny enough, even this process is in present times largely tied to technology, so how can we not see the obvious answer? 


Understanding The Opportunities Technology Offers


In our introductory and comprehensive guide to what technology is, we covered an array of fields of technology that helps us understand technology for what it really is - the study and application of techniques and scientific knowledge.


It is in human nature to have an ever-evolving desire, this is primarily what makes the tech industry a quite competitive market with opportunities for a lot of people, but of course, this also makes it a "fast-paced" sector that has to consistently keep up with trends and newer demands - a crucial con in the world of sustainability in business. 


However, this doesn't take away the merits of it, which is the creation of an extensive list of opportunities, so while many think of "software developers", "hardware engineers" "data analysts" or "data scientists" whenever technology is mentioned, we are here to say that technology as a sector offers a lot more opportunities than that. 


For example, who designs the exterior of a vehicle? Of course, we could give them "Big Names" like "Automotive Engineers" and yes, they have to work closely with many personalities involved in the development process of these vehicles but you'd realize that the job of these designers does not exactly require that level of complexity of for example, the software engineers, so, the tech industry in essence has so many sits for even "art students" with a thing for cars of course. 


Correct us if we're wrong but technology in reality is involved so much in every other business and economic sector. 


By acknowledging this, it a lot easier to seek out careers that match our specialities as individuals and not just chasing whatever everyone else is chasing, for example, web development, so if you haven't heard it before, hear it now from us - - that being a tech boy or tech girl shouldn't always mean being "tech savvy" literally, it should mostly translate to applying diverse techniques to solve problems because technology is effectively aimed at improving the quality of life. 




That said, let's look at some renowned tech career opportunities


Popular Technology Career Opportunities


1. Software Development 


Yes, the most popular tech career of modern times is being a software developer, so for those who don't know, this is usually people tasked to develop "rulesets", algorithms or protocols for machines or systems to follow. 


Effectively, the internet is a market made a reality due to the efforts of these people, so yes, web development, blockchain development, and Artificial Intelligence(AI), even though they are treated as though they were separate are all part of  "software development". 


So if someone says "I'm a software developer" always stop to ask for specifics because this is simply an umbrella term for so many career paths. 


What's the average salary of a software developer? It's anywhere between $50,000 - $70,000 a year, looking at the lowest of skills within this sector like junior web developers. 


2. Software Engineering 


No no, don't be confused, we totally understand, software development and software engineering as two different career paths is confusing, yes, but it is true that they are different. 


You see, the term "build" and "develop" may be synonymous but you'd figure one has to do with complex work and actually "building from scratch" while the other just sounds like "enhancing a pre-existing system". 


In all honesty, software engineering should come first because this is where the actual building blocks for developers are formed, think about personalities working directly with hardware engineers to build computers, phones, cars, etc, this is where software engineers come in. 


So while these terms can be used interchangeably, you'd figure that software engineering usually has to do with people with "official" degrees in computer science while developers could just be a once 14-year-old boy that began developing applications after watching a couple of YouTube videos on how to define "If Else statements". 


The average software engineer earns an estimated $80,000 - $120,000 a year. 


3. Hardware Engineering 


Dang, this has to be one of the toughest jobs in the technology industry, cause, if you're like me, you'd probably once in your life asked how the hell freaking greenback chip works with software to make machines and devices work, there's a thin line between genius and insanity right here, but not literally of course. 


Well, jokes aside, a hardware engineer has to exist for any of those guys we explained above to be relevant. From the word "hardware" we understand that they are the individuals tasked with designing, building, developing and maintaining the physical components of the machines and gadgets we use daily. 




Components such as processors, memory, motherboards, graphics cards, and other integrated circuits are all built by hardware engineers and they work closely with software engineers to test the effectiveness and efficiency of what they build. 


A couple of these tests include performance, power efficiency, heat dissipation, and cost. 


The average hardware engineer, based on wide estimates earns around $80,000 to $120,000 a year. Please note that by "average" we are looking at numbers closer to the minimum and a bit to the high-income leagues, some of these careers have personalities that earn literally into the six figures league, it's all about the company and the expertise of the individuals. 


4. Product Testing


Do you remember when I said technology doesn't exactly mean you have to be lifting heavy irons or writing thousands to millions of lines of code? 


Well, here's proof because product testers don't exactly do these things, so while they may be somewhat "tech savvy" their job is mostly is report sight experiences with whatever product they are testing. 


For example, a new phone, a new mobile or desktop application, a new car, a new machine for agricultural processes, there are just a long list of products and even " qualifying services" to test and the salaries at the average estimates range from $40,000 to $70,000 a year. 


How To Find Your Suitable Career Path In Technology


In order to find the right technology career, you must first ask yourself one broad question which is:


"Do I love to build? Enhance? Or Simply Explore?" 


With all the aforementioned career paths above, if you're able to answer this question, you'd know where you belong and how you should thereof chase your career depending on what you decide. 


For example, say you chose "enhance", then that would mean you'd mostly enjoy developing atop software and you may find developing things like web protocols, mobile or desktop applications, games or even blockchain algorithms fun and fitting. 


In conclusion, technology is by a large margin, a good career path with an ocean of opportunities, you just have to pick the right bank to steady your ship for proper exploration. 



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