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Is Notcoin Still A Good Buy At $0.02? Crypto X Points To Top Indicators


By Market Steam Jun 03, 2024


Notcoin posts significant weekly gains with a 300%+ upswing to achieve a $2.18 billion marketcap. 


The popular Telegram-based play-to-earn game reclaimed industry attention after recovering from shading post listing gains that saw it fall to $0.004605.


Notcoin Investment


At Glance


● Notcoin claims a 0.08% market dominance with a 300% ride up from listing downtrend.


● Notcoin swiftly climbed into the top 50 coins but currently sits at #53 by CoinMarketCap ranking. 


● Notcoin announced that current in-app stakeholders have gained 56,100,794 Notcoins worth over $1.17 million at current market value. 


● Crypto X points to historically positive indicators of potential tops for the Notcoin price rally.



Viral telegram-birthed cryptocurrency and play-to-earn game, Notcoin, has taken the industry by surprise with a 300% price rally through last week, briefly positioning the “NOT a memecoin” amongst top 50 crypto assets by market capitalization.


Post announcement of its impressive in-app staking turnover for users who committed their Notcoins pre-listing for a 30-days lockup, which saw over 56,100,794 Notcoins, worth over $1.17 million distributed to users less than 2 weeks after staking commenced, Notcoin took a major market swing securing over $4.3 billion in trading volume.


The Notcoin team took to X on May 30 to reaffirm that Notcoin has never been just a memecoin on a thread highlighting Notcoin’s impressive on-chain holders growth which at the time was over 1.6 million leading Shiba Inu memecoin by over 200k holders. 


Evidently, due to its recent 0.08% crypto market dominance and significant social media buzz, Notcoin has attracted fresh investment interest from firms to regular day to day users, investors and traders.


Sources indicate that Notcoins true 24hrs volume is over $16 billion coming second only to Bitcoin with over $22.97 billion.


Is Notcoin Still A Good Buy At $0.02?


Several X crypto traders claim that Notcoin’s trading volume exceeding its marketcap may be an indicator that the top is in.


However, a significant number of early adopters of Notcoin are signaling a potential ride to $1 at the end of the year, which would position Notcoin at over $100 billion marketcap.


Users at the time being await further developments in the game as promised by the team that newer stages would roll out enabling users to continually earn more Notcoins.



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