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Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles - What To Know About The Iconic Trunks And Collectibles


By Reel Coverage Feb 14, 2024


Louis Vuitton digital collectibles, spotlighted on June 6,2023, is a phygital project by the French luxury fashion house to create an insider community of the Maison, that grants users the possibility to purchase digital keys, unlocking digital collectibles of new and unseen creations, twinned with physical counterparts. 


Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles


At Glance


● Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles is a voyage of creation with web3, undertaken by the French luxury fashion house to unlock never-before-seen creations of the Maison. 


● The Maison is Louis Vuitton’s Design house. 


● Spotlighted in June, 2023, Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles are accessible by Treasure Trunk owners.


● Treasure Trunks are Louis Vuitton’s iconic soulbound NFTs, designed as a portal into Louis Vuitton’s world of digital collectibles.


● Louis Vuitton Treasure Trunks are priced at €39,000 each as an exclusive access to its digital collectibles. 



Understanding Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles


As web3 slowly becomes a trend within the tech world and cryptocurrencies and NFTs take the business and finance sector for a spin, small, medium and large size businesses, companies and enterprises are beginning to lay prints in the perceived next generation of the internet.


Louis Vuitton takes an interesting approach into web3 showcasing both dedication to value and a rewarding experience. NFTs, which is an acronym for “Non-fungible Tokens”, a blockchain-tech that enables anyone to found unique creations stored on blockchain networks as authentic and immutable datasets as enabled by its decentralized and distributed ledger technology, is new-found portal for businesses to build strong communities via inclusive and unique offerings. 


Largely adopted by the arts and music industry, NFT tech proves to deliver on community satisfaction and increased user engagement.


Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles are unique phygital experiences, that is, they are designed to combine the digital and the physical world in ways that creates unique user or consumer experiences.


Exclusive to Treasure Trunk owners, Louis Vuitton digital collectibles unlock never-before-seen creations of the Maison, a Louis Vuitton design house.


Each Treasure Trunk owner is essentially a member of an insider community called VIA. Treasure Trunks are unique NFTs, more specifically, “Soulbound NFTs” which means that they are unique to the buyers, not tradable as it holds no value to anyone other than the identity it is bound to upon purchase. 


Louis Vuitton’s use of NFT tech ensures that all Treasure Trunks buyers are assigned unique identities within the VIA community. As a portal into Louis Vuitton’s world of digital collectibles, these iconic soulbound NFTs are limited to a few hundreds and are priced at €39,000 each. 


How To Get Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles


To get Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles, you must first own the Louis Vuitton iconic soulbound Treasure Trunk NFT.


These Treasure Trunk NFTs, which come with a €39,000 price tag and are limited in supply, grants any account/wallet used to make purchase access to further buy any Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles released on their own terms.


As a treasure trunk owner, you can buy Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles from their official website as the initial purchase is reported as “exclusive” to its platform. However, as though its digital collectibles are not soulbound as the treasure trunk, they can be resold on third party platforms like decentralized NFT buying and selling platforms.


That said, each collectible comes with a physical twin which is claimable by the NFT holder at the period upon which claims are announced to be available by Louis Vuitton. It is important to note that reselling these collectibles(NFTs) comes with royalties, Louis Vuitton is entitled to a 10% of sales amount in royalties paid by sellers of its VIA collectibles on third-party platforms. 


As a voyage into the Web3 ecosystem and the world of cryptocurrencies, Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles and Treasure Trunks can be purchased with cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC), Litecoin (LTC), and 4 USD-pegged stablecoins (USDC, USDP, DAI, and BUSD).


To learn more about Louis Vuitton Digital Collectibles, refer to its FAQ on VIA.







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