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PawFury Launches $PawFactory with Live Presale of Up to 149% Bonus


New York, United States, January 3rd, 2024, Chainwire


PawFury's invites gaming enthusiasts to the forefront of play-to-earn innovation with its latest launch, $PawFactory.


PawFury's invites gaming enthusiasts to the forefront of play-to-earn innovation with its latest launch, $PawFactory.


Users are invited to dive into a world where their gaming prowess and investment savvy are equally rewarded. PawFury's live presale offers more than just a pass to gaming; it's a portal opportunity to earn bonuses of up to 149%. This event allows enthusiasts to enhance their gaming journey while potentially increasing their rewards.


Introducing $PawFactory: A Blend of Earning Opportunities and Gaming Excitement


At the core of PawFury's offerings is $PawFactory, a platform enabling users to:


● Stake $PAW Tokens: Offers a chance for token holders to engage in staking activities.


● Bonus Stage Rounds: Providing engaging new game levels with enhanced rewards.


● Referral Bonuses: Encouraging network expansion and community-driven bonuses.


● In-Game Rewards & NFTs: Offering opportunities for trading, staking, and potential earning in a vibrant digital landscape.


Presale Opportunity: Early Access, Potential Rewards


The presale period offers significant price discounts and bonuses, encouraging early participation for maximum potential returns in a growing play-to-earn domain.


About PawFury


PawFury is revolutionizing the play-to-earn sector by creating a rewarding platform for both gamers and investors. It's more than just a game; it's an evolving ecosystem of rewards and opportunities. PawFury is committed to being a dynamic part of the gaming evolution.




Head Of Marketing
Jessica Andersson
[email protected]



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