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World's First Metaverse Airport Launches On Polygon


By Nerly Shammah Dec 14, 2022


World's first Metaverse Airport on Polygon



The Ethereum layer 2 scaling network is leading the cryptocurrency ecosystem with extensive and industry-impactful developments, as influenced by the vision to lead the world on the mass adoption of blockchain technology. In partnership with Polygon, one of the most utilized second-layer blockchains, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) launches the world's first Metaverse airport, the Metaport, set out to redefine airport experiences with exciting new technologies and solutions at the fingertips. 


In collaboration with Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Intel, Polygon powers the digital economy of the Metaport, enabling users to trade virtual assets seamlessly in a phygital world. 

In a blog announcement on December 13, 2022, Polygon announces that BLR Metaport is a product of the Joint innovation center(JIC), citing that it aims to introduce travelers, enterprises, and the community to an immersive 3D experience of Bangalore Airport's newly launched Terminal 2 via both wearable VR headsets and popular web browsers.


JIC was reportedly set up by AWS, Intel, and Polygon to drive the development and vast adoption of cutting-edge digital solutions, technology, and economy. Arpit Sharma, Polygons' APAC head said that Polygon is leading the blockchain innovation which will drive the digital economy that every individual can access worldwide, adding that Metaport is one such example of how big enterprises can partner and innovate to bring blockchain solutions to the masses. 


The BLR Metaport is built on AWS Cloud, one of the most utilized and functional cloud services in the world. BLR Metaport leverages the low-cost and highly efficient technologies of the Polygon network to facilitate transactions in its Meta world, unlocking a seamless experience for its users. Additionally, BLR looks to let users shop with their favorite brands around the world, aiding a much broader economic expansion given the ease of value flow in the larger industry. 


In the break of blockchain technology and its associated products including NFTs, DeFi investment products, and Metaverse Games and services, the cryptocurrency space has emerged as a new business-building ground for many companies, inevitably causing an influx of attention from large tech companies. 


Polygon looks to be all-in with the development, advancement and marketing of this new technology. At the time of writing, the BLR Metaport is open for exploration but will require proper registration to gain access.



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