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Is Profit Per Hour(PPH) More Important To Coin Balance In Hamster Kombat?


By Reel Coverage Jun 11, 2024


Yes, profit per hour(PPH) is more important to coin balance in Hamster Kombat, but here's what you need to know about this viral crypto game.


Hamster CEO


At Glance


● Hamster Kombat reported hitting 142 million users in 77 days.


● Due to unwavering questions, the Hamster Kombat team informed its users that profit per hour(PPH) is more important to coin balance. 


● Hamster Kombat is a building a crypto exchange simulation game based on Ton Blockchain and accessible via Telegram. 


● Hamster Kombat airdrop is projected to take place in July with pre-market geared to launch soon.


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Understanding Hamster Kombat Airdrop Criteria 


Often mistaken for a clicker game, Hamster Kombat, a Telegram-based play-to-earn game based on the concept of building a crypto exchange has kept a wave of 142 million players expectant of its token airdrop, projected to launch in July. 


With players confused from digesting numerous “crypto influencers content” promoting stacking up coins in the game, the Hamster Kombat team announced via its Telegram channel which now has over 31 million subscribers, taking the spot of the largest Telegram community that it's token airdrop will have several eligibility criteria but emphasized that the mining power of each user, otherwise known as the “profit per hour” - a passive income structure that grows as players invest earned coins in their exchange within the game - will have greater importance to coin balance towards airdrop claiming.


Additionally sharing the said information on its X account despite having made several YouTube videos preparing players for this reality, the Hamster Kombat team said:




Dear CEOs,


Due to the tremendous amount of questions and comments, we want to set the record straight :


Airdrop will depend on the profit per hour and some other activity parameters that we will reveal later, NOT the coin balance 


Play wisely!




Despite the team's efforts to clear the air, several players still seem to doubt the validity of the announcement which stems from past experiences with crypto project airdrops neglecting many long time users and supporters.


Notwithstanding, there are numerous evidence within the game to believe that profit per hour is in fact, more important to coin balance.


The first and obvious give-away is how Hamster Kombat in-app coins are easy to get and in large quantities. 


Usually when projects give out a large amount of coins or points prior to token launch, it's usually a psychological ploy to get users excited and engaged in the game. 


There's a sense of fulfillment in seeing huge numbers, especially when it has a dollar sign next to it. As past airdrop launches with similar models have proven, the aftermath of such projects is usually a huge slashing of user points to get airdrop amount plus/or additional eligibility criteria with higher weighting to the acquired points. 


Seeing this in Hamster Kombat is evidence that the coins will hold little value unless held in huge amounts. 


However, other in-game features point to why the coins may not be relevant at all!



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Cards Representing Various Aspects Of A Crypto Exchange


For crypto newbies, it may not be obvious, however, for long time investors, the cards that exist within the Hamster Kombat game should be evident enough of a higher command for its token launch. 


Game cards are usually NFTs at the end of the day, and within crypto, NFTs are mostly high-priced assets, with its value tied to its “rarity”. 


Within the Hamster Kombat game, which is a building a crypto exchange simulation, remember! We see that cards have levels, which can be increased by spending earned coins to upgrade them. 


Think of card upgrades as you reaching for rarer NFTs. Without considering that these cards get you passive income, the idea that each card represents an aspect of an exchange like the security team, marketing and compliance, should be proof that the higher the level of these cards, the stronger your exchange is - effectively putting the players in a position to earn higher income.


By our observation, card levels were the first give-away that there are things of higher importance than the coin balance.


The fact that these additional features exist in the game should beg the question: why? And the answer is in the details, being that buying and upgrading these cards is an investment into one's exchange and that, evidently brings higher ROI. 


That said, one of best ways to test the strength of information is to determine how deeply rooted it is to the source. Whilst some people may feel that the now promoted “profit per hour” is a plot to avoid dealing with the insane supply of in-game coins in Hamster Kombat or a plot to mislead users, the reality however, looking at announcements made in the early days of the game proves that “Profit Per Hour” has fundamentally always been the most relevant feature when compared to coin balance. 


The announcement made by the Hamster Kombat team in telegram on April 5th, 2 days after reaching 400,000 players reads:




We want to remind you of the need to pump passive income and the importance of earning daily rewards.


Passive income not only allows you to acquire more coins, but also pumping it is necessary to get airdrop!




Evidently, the profit per hour is more important to coin balance in the Hamster Kombat game as it is a symbol of your investment in your exchange and the successes thus far.


The Hamster Kombat once noted that its token airdrop takes a similar form to Bitcoin mining, emphasizing a gradual token release based on player's PPH rather than a one-time drop. 




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